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Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is expected to reach the top four of the campaign due to growing doubts about his future at the club.

The Chelsea hierarchy wants to give Lampard time to change the fate of the club and doesn’t want to make a panic decision in the middle of the season.

Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhüttle, RB Leipzig’s Julian Nagelsmann and Thomas Tuchel have been considered replacement candidates, and Max Allegri has admitted that he wants control in the Premier League.

If they replaced Lampard, they might see the transition to German as a good option. This is because the dressing room includes players such as Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Antonio Rudiger among the prominent team members.

However, Lampard is likely to be judged by his ability to return Bruce to the next Champions League campaign, which will determine his long-term fate.

Lampard tried to disappoint the club this season, but after spending £ 200m in the summer, the hierarchy believes the club should be in the top four and be a candidate for the league.

Since Lampard is a German international arriving with proven quality, there are also concerns that it is struggling to get the most out of some of the new signatures.

They also invested in Havertz with Lampard firmly on board, but players have been struggling terribly since being taken to Stamford Bridge in a £ 71m deal.

The decision to have no more experience with Lampard’s back room staff may now be questioned as the older head may have helped him and his No2 Jody Morris.

However, there were rumors that Avram Grant was back, despite many young managers bringing in older heads and Lampard hesitating to dismiss the idea.

This is a big concern as he is five points away from the top four as he has played more games than most of his rivals due to his defeat with Leicester.

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Chelsea Board issues Frank Lampard fresh to avoid bags Chelsea Board issues Frank Lampard fresh to avoid bags

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