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Jurgen Kohler claimed that Chelsea’s target David Alaba had left Bayern Munich for money, and that it was okay because he did the same.

Alaba became a headline a few months ago after rumors emerged at the end of the season that he wanted to quit his German outfit for free because he couldn’t agree on a new deal with the club.

Rumors were confirmed by the player himself only a few weeks ago, and the news that he wants to leave both warned something like Chelsea and Real Madrid trying to strengthen behind, and both traded. Made for Alaba who is very interested in getting.

Caller, who is now a major member of Germany in the 1990s and won the World Cup in 1990 and the European Championship in 1996, claims that, in all speculation, Alaba actually leaves Bayern to make money. I am.

What he said

“Bayern is one of the three best clubs in Europe and it doesn’t have to be hidden from anyone in terms of sports and financial performance, but it doesn’t take him a step back,” Alaba urged. Talked to the goal of departure

“He certainly took this step primarily for money, and I can understand it. He is now 28 years old and signs a four- or five-year contract.

“He can tell me whatever he wants. A few euros play a big role, but I can’t hold it against the player. It’s perfectly legal and most of the others Will do the same. “

“As a professional soccer player, I’ve only been able to practice this profession for a few years,” said Kohler. “You may be seriously injured. [Niklas] Sule tells us one or two about the cruciate ligament being torn twice. Fortunately, Alaba has been spared so far.

“I also left Bavarian for money. Of course, moving to Italy was also very good for me, especially from the perspective of personality formation. But that wasn’t really my first idea. Now If you tell them something different, it will be a nice fairy tale. “

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Chelsea is said to have Alaba leaving Bayern for money Chelsea is said to have Alaba leaving Bayern for money

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