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on the other hand Chelsea Was much better against Aston Villa 3-1 defeat rather than dragging Arsenal, The football world is still waiting for Frank Lampard’s side to return to the top shape.

Monday 1-1 draw It wasn’t the result Chelsea wanted or needed to get the season back on track. Instead, things are in a vicious circle of wondering if Lampard knows his best XI, or similarly imminent, if he knows how to get the most out of them. They responded to the cry to improve the intensity of the pre-match rally, but the balance of the match has not yet been in their favor, showing it with just one win in the last six matches (all tournaments). There is.

–Report: Chelsea draw one-on-one to Villa

Chelsea made a promise last season and spent a lot of money in the summer competing for the title. For the New Year, that £ 220m figure has become an albatross around Lampard’s neck. This is not to make Aston Villa unhappy-they are a well-organized team and take advantage of their amazing power at Stamford Bridge-but after Chelsea lost three in four. , I had to win this match at home and it wasn’t enough in the end.

Lampard said after the match, “When you’re in a difficult situation, things don’t go well. You have to get over it.”

This was Chelsea’s second match in 48 hours. The celebration schedule is hurt, relentless, and done against the backdrop of COVID-19’s logistics and stress, so you can forgive players for strange holidays. However, Aston Villa has endured the same situation, with Chelsea making six changes since Boxing Day’s defeat at Arsenal, while Villa made only one suspension change.

On Monday night you can see two different approaches taking place. Dean Smith, who does a great job at Villa, is happy to know his best team, stick to them, overcome fatigue and help the team. Lampard’s squad is a larger beast with more choices, but inconsistent. “Mentality” was a buzzword after the match, but it’s not enough to win the title. And it was a long time of trial and error that Chelsea got points.

Always reliable Olivier Giroud, Delivered to Chelsea again the moment needed. His clever header gave Chelsea a lead in the first half, Ben Chilwell Great and both wings Christian Pulisic And Callum Hudson Odoi Lively.Pulisic had two good chances in the first half Timo Werner, Falling on the bench and firing late on the bar, Chilwell flashed the last breathtaking volley right next to Emiliano Martinez’s distant post, but the French were in the middle of the field. Is the dominant presence in.

Chelsea lacks the dynamism from the midfield, and here is Lampard’s conundrum.They are envy and have spent a lot of time giving themselves the talent to compete in multiple competitions, but they still need a West Ham-like presence. Declan rice To really fix things in the middle and give a sense of security in the middle of the park. Rice is on their radar, John McGinnAston Villa’s outstanding midfielder took a closer look at what they lacked.



Julien Laurence feels that Timo Werner’s performance on the weekend was the worst of the season.

Lampard and Chelsea had every intention to turn this campaign into a title challenge. However, when the form slumped (when it won the Premier League and Champions League six times in a row, it looks far from the November best), the pressure and noise around the team increased and the excluded players Absence that looks even more obvious.

Both Kai Havertz Timo Werner stood on the bench after being overwhelmed by the match against Arsenal, but neither had the necessary impact in the remaining 20 minutes. Personal quality alone is not enough at this time, as Chelsea struggles to create clear opportunities. Tammy Abraham Giroud is playing well and the overlapping fullbacks put a lot of crosses in the box, but Chelsea need to rebuild as they are caught in the near post and cleared or returned to the midfield. there is.How they should expect Hakim Ziyech I’ll be back soon, not later. Until then, we are still waiting for this Chelsea side to be defined.

What is Chelsea today?Although they are well organized behind Andreas Christensen It looked unstable. It’s solid in the middle, but not brilliant. And like springs that were permanently wound in advance with the embarrassment of that wealth, but they lack general cohesion. Arguably one of the best young players in the world, Havertz only has the goal of supporting his name this season. Werner finally scored in early November, scoring 0 at 11 in Chelsea. Lampard needs to take full advantage of these two.

The villas are proudly wearing them on their boobs while they feel Chelsea rushing their identities. They are well organized, incredibly hard working, pushing hard and shining. The fifth goal of Anwar Ergaji’s five games was to reward him for his excellent all-round performance. Jack Grealish We offer talent to pair with McGinn’s industry. McGin was ubiquitous and rattled Chelsea’s bar with a goal-worthy shot howitzer after a sensational performance.They still need to get OLAP Watkins Better service in advance and when it can come Ross Barkley Returning, Smith made a perfect decision on Monday’s match.

Mr Smith said he had never seen players “exhausted and carried away” before and after the match, but the villas are now thriving because of mutual trust. is there. “If they’re good, I’ll keep playing them,” Smith said in a post-match take. Compare it with Lampard. That is Chelsea’s problem. Some have stood up like Chilwell and Pulisic, but he needs more from the whole group, not just a small part of the individual.

Giroud is simply not allowed to leave until Lampard understands this. He stands out in last season’s break-in, scoring six goals in the last nine league games and playing a big role in playing for Chelsea this season, but Lampard is this impressive team. Need to be sung to his Manchester city, If the game progresses.

Chelsea were better than their defeat at Arsenal, but we are still waiting for them to come back. You feel that exactly the two types of players they currently need stood bystanders: Lampard and John Terry. Now it’s up to Lampard to get this big ship back on track and head for victory.

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Chelsea, Lampard misses something, while Aston Villa lacks time to find it Chelsea, Lampard misses something, while Aston Villa lacks time to find it

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