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Former Chelsea defender Robert Huth has accused the blues dressing room of being “too good” for Kai Havertz.

The 21-year-old, who signed to Frank Lampard’s team for £ 70m in the summer, has scored one Premier League goal in 20 games so far this season, despite being one of the most talented young players. I have only one. The game now.

Many wonder why this season wasn’t as impressive as last season in the Bundesliga, but Hughes, who played for the team that won the Chelsea title in 2005 and 2006, was the German team. I believe Mate needs to start tough with him.

He told Stadium Astro: “I don’t like his body language at all. He looks a bit lightweight. It’s the first year, but it doesn’t seem to bother me. He loses the ball, gives it up, and doesn’t get it back.

“It’s a difficult time to enter without fans, but you just want to swing him. There used to be Mahrez in the changing room. [at Leicester] He got much better, but the team took care of him by saying, “You can’t do just one side of it or 10 minutes of the game.”

“Chelsea may lack an in-house leader for the conversation. It’s not always a good conversation to talk to when performance isn’t good, but it has to happen.

“He needs someone to tell him what it takes to play in the Premier League. Maybe the entire changing room is a little too good.”

Hughes is probably right, as many haven’t given Havertz the pain needed to develop, he’s now making it pretty easy in the club.

Chelsea paid a lot, fans expect big, and to be honest, he needs to tell good stories from the club’s experienced players

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Chelsea players are too kind to midfielder Kai Havertz Chelsea players are too kind to midfielder Kai Havertz

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