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Chevrolet also struggled with a 1.4 bar turbo boost in qualifying last year, and Ed Carpenter Racing rookie Linus Vikay was the only runner to qualify fast nine against Honda-powered rivals.

On race day, with a turbo boost of 1.3 bar, the Chevrolet driver was able to rival Honda, but had to tilt the fuel mixture to the stint faster to reach the five pit stops. New Garden did a great job and finished in 5th place as Chevrolet’s top runner.

New Garden commented after breaking the speed chart in the Indy 500 test and after Juan Pablo Montoya finished third at the Aroma McLaren SP: I think McLaren boys are fast. I think we feel pretty good about things.

“I think they definitely made improvements. We had to do that in the off-season. We all did. As a team and as Chevrolet, we all got together and we were the weakest. I saw it. I think I had a little to go around. They really stepped up. They made a lot of effort. I think we found some good ones.

“It’s been hard these days. These benefits you’re trying to find are very small. I think they were able to find a decent chunk. It’s impressive how far we’re going. [in the lifespan of the 2.2-liter twin-turbo V6 formula].. “

Asked how he felt the Ilmor Chevrolet compared to this year’s HPD Honda, Newgarden replied: I can see more and more this year, but for now I want to say. By May, someone could obviously be miles ahead. That is possible.

“But I think it’s still much more visible than last year. We’re all excited about it … it will provide everyone with an interesting show.”

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New Garden says there isn’t enough data on fuel economy yet.

“We didn’t do a lot of financial things, I didn’t go through any mixture,” he said. “I think there are still some questions to be answered in May. We were trying to check out some of the larger team items.

“Chevrolet has more people than we do at Team Penske. We will report to them after such a test.

“We are pushing. Looking at the first information, I think we are in a good place.”

Since launching the current engine formula in 2012, Honda has led Chevrolet 5-4 on the Indy 500.

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Chevrolet “definitely improved” for Indy Chevrolet “definitely improved” for Indy

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