Chicken Police-Paint it red! Review (Switch eShop)

Chicken know things. it is clear.They have that look in their eyes, a little derogatory squint of someone who knows what When you did why You’ve done it. Without the small obstacle of not being able to communicate in a meaningful way, they would be perfect detectives. Thankfully, the developer, The Wild Gentlemen, recognized the potential of poultry PI and gave it a tremendous name. Chicken Police-Paint it red!, A visual novel with noble adventure game elements Yakei Gallus It is at the top of the hierarchy.

It’s happening in a world infused with human-sized animal noirs (just like the hit Netflix series of “depressed horses”. Bojack Horseman), This is a well-written, fun and rich narrative game, trafficked with a sharp detective noir metaphor, but with a great sense of humor, a strong character, and a sense of magnificent place. Realizing a clovil-like world with almost static, almost monochromatic images, audio, and music alone is a very impressive feat, but dirt, dirt, and scuds have verisimilitude, so after chicken. A police session where you’ll want to switch the switch through the dishwasher. (Important: Nintendo Life does not recommend passing the switch through the dishwasher)

With the nominal control of Santino “Sonny” Featherland, it’s the spoiler’s territory to explain the type of case it’s trying to resolve, but it’s a stubborn dam, an unstable relationship with a former partner, and annoying. Rest assured that you will encounter a chief of police and numerous sneaky dirt bag informants. It’s all very well known, but thanks to the powerful writing mentioned above, it delivers well enough to get caught up in every tapestry.

And that is Powerful and compelling fiction from the beginning, enhanced by truly amazing voice actors. We wanted to hear every word, but thankfully there is an autoplay option that allows you to hear the dialogue play at the intended pace, which leads to fairly obvious complaints. In most visual novel or text-heavy games that use this type of “talking head” delivery, pressing the A (or equivalent “advanced text”) button skips to the end of the current dialog and the player screens. Leave it displayed in. Read at your own speed.

However, pressing A here will skip the currently displayed dialog. completelyGo to the next part of the conversation or description. This is a bit frustrating, especially if you’re a fast reader, but it seems to be to encourage players to listen to the conversation, as we’ve explained. There is a play function if you miss one or two lines, but skip to the beginning of the conversation, not just the previous step.surely DanganronpaWas style text logging a wise option here?

While we were moaning, we found that some of the in-game text (posters, etc., and UI) was so small that it was basically unreadable in handheld mode.this is Really However, if you highlight the text with the cursor and select it, you can read the text, so select Nito. This method feels a bit less immersive, but the functionality is there and it’s hard to say that it’s a meaningful issue.

However, there are enough complaints. Chicken Police is a great game, tuned for Switch’s handheld mode, and runs at 60fps, locked down as expected, while maintaining an impressive visual feel. It’s basically just a cursor, but the interface is very impressive.When you select a character, you’ll see something like a radial menu, but you’ll need to hold the left analog stick in the selected direction to start the next move (speak perp, perp, or). Question perp). It’s all very intuitive, easy to understand, and blends into the background when shrouded in mystery.

When it comes to challenges, there aren’t many, but that’s all there is to it. Most of your time is spent flying around maps, making connections, and gathering information. These are all joys similar to the research section of. Ace Attorney.. There are shooting range mini-games that are a momentary pastime, but most of the time it’s all about their interpersonal relationships. Cross-examine the suspect and assess his performance, but it can be frustrating in theory as the best approach is rarely clear. The story goes on anyway, but those who need “100% complete”, whose concept is as vague as possible, may suffer from the perceived randomness of these segments. The rest of us will follow the flow and play as intended. Take things slowly and carefully and delve into the situation with your raw instincts.

World-building and folklore have been brilliantly realized, and with racism, slavery, and complete co-eating in mind, it’s darker than we expected. However, this is not a moral play. These heavy themes are even more appealing because they fit so naturally into a Basin City-like environment.Despite the animal theme, this is very Absent A game for kids.Foul (or should be) poultry??) Rich in wording, nudity, and claret splashes, creating an immersive anxiety as the case takes shape.


The Wild Gentlemen, Chicken Police’s very impressive first game-paint it red! One of the best adventure games I’ve played for a long time. Is long One hell of a story that makes you crazy about time. It looks and works great on the switch and has some very small interface issues that can be easily ignored. In about 8 or 9 hours, the story is surprisingly long for the genre, but we never get bored and wanted to investigate every little thing just to squeeze out more valuable bunter and charm drops. It was. Chicken Police is a sophisticated and captivating experience and I am very excited about what comes next from this team. It’s a shame that it’s so good, or it could have been said to have “laid an egg”, and it would have been well tied to the whole chicken. Instead, this review is nearing the end. now. that’s it. finished. Never close a chicken joke.

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