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Kansas City Chiefs 3rd year wide receiver Mekor Hardman participated Of the NFL network This week’s “Total Access” is considered to be one of his first interviews since the team was defeated. Tampa Bay Buccaneers To Bouncy ball LV.

“I feel like I have a big tip on my shoulder this year,” explains Hardman. “Everyone is targeting our back, knowing that we didn’t get the results we expected last year and we didn’t get all the stories that everyone is doing, but people are me I don’t think you’re aware that we’re also trying to get our best game. I think that’s what we’re looking forward to, and it’s definitely another thing to get back where we want to go. It will be a challenge. We look forward to the challenge. Do it well when it’s time to go to the field. “

Patrick Mahomes first mentioned Hardman’s name when the quarterback spoke to the media after a forced mini-camp last week. For the first time in a while, the Chiefs have a second receiver battle brew to enter the training camp, Given that Sammy Watkins signed with Baltimore Ravens this offseason after spending three years in Kansas City...

Leading candidates for these targets include veterans Demarcus Robinson and Byron Pringle, rookie Cornell Powell, and Hardman.

“The guy, Coach EB (Eric Bieniemy) knows what he has for me,” Hardman said. “People, they are blinded by our attacks and what we can bring to the table. It’s hard to get into our attacks with the best tight end, the best receiver in the game. And people expect you to do so many big things … I’m only in my role, do you know what I’m saying? I think I have all the tools and abilities to do what I need, as Sammy is gone and its receiver spot is a little more open, so I definitely went there and a dog like me I’m going to be, and if my number is called, please use it. “

Before the interview ended, Hardman provided his views on the chiefs’ off-season most talked-about national story— The idea that they could potentially be a perfect 20-0..

Wide receivers have offered the most important challenge to such high goals.

“I think it’s consistent,” Hardman said. “I think we can always win this game on Sunday, Thursday and Monday. I feel that a better team is going to win. Our job is to go there with the right game plan. I think it’s about maximizing your abilities. I think we’re okay. The room was talented to do whatever we came up with, so 20-0 is definitely our goal. ..

“I don’t want to lose the game under any circumstances. No matter what Pat says, our quarterback, I’m siding with him.”

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Chiefs Mekor Hardman discusses on behalf of Sammy Watkins, outlook for 2021 Chiefs Mekor Hardman discusses on behalf of Sammy Watkins, outlook for 2021

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