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Chiefs Season will be determined from this point | ESPN

If the chief wins these three additional victories, they will win the NFL’s consecutive Super Bowl Championships for the first time in 15 years. If the season ends without a championship for the second consecutive year, it is considered a failure. This season has always been a repeat for the chief.They resigned many of their own players, quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes Included and returned all but three starters from the Super Bowl LIV.

It was all done with repeatability in mind. The chiefs’ motto for this season is “Run It Back”.

Bills is a team that no one, including the Chiefs, wants to see in the playoffs, Week 17 Insider Note |

I will return to that 6th week loss chief.. Head coach Sean McDermott picked up his poison and defeated them in the Chiefs’ run game. Patrick Mahomes That is not the case. Kansas City rushed 245 yards and Mahomes passed 225 yards.However, the game has about 5 minutes left, 23-17, and Bills Clyde Edwards-Heller Fumble who would have given Bills the ball at Kansas City 31.

They would have had a chance to take the lead over the Chiefs there. But instead, the replay showed that Edwards Herrell’s knees were down just before the ball came out. Mahomes defeated the Chiefs for a field goal, which provided the final margin of victory.

Chiefs-Chargers Highlights | YouTube

The Los Angeles Chargers will face Kansas City Chiefs in the 17th week of the 2020 NFL season.

Ricky Shields-Jones’ stint with Chiefs didn’t make any sense | Arrowhead Addict

What made Shields Jones’ tenure with the Chiefs even stranger was the team, which didn’t even have the exact second tight end, and was active almost throughout the season as the fourth tight end (yes, fourth). It was on the list. .. He doesn’t add value as a blocker or star behind the scenes of any special team. He just sat as a guard in a nonsensical position. If he were a lineman, that would make much more sense, but instead the chief was tight-end, healthy and rolling all year round.

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NFL Announces Super Wildcard Weekend Schedule

A super-large schedule for the opening weekend of the playoffs has been announced.

The NFL announced the Super Wildcard Weekend schedule during the broadcast of the Washington Football Team-Philadelphia Eagles match on Sunday.

New York Jets fires head coach Adam Gace two seasons later | NFL

“Tonight I informed Adam Gace that he would not be the head coach of Jets. While he was here, I met Adam and his wonderful family and did their best to move forward. My heartfelt intention is to stabilize our organization, especially our leadership position, but it is clear that the best decision for Jets is to go in the other direction. When Adam joined in 2019, I knew there was a lot of work to do. Last year’s strong finish was encouraging, but unfortunately it maintains its positive momentum and looks forward to this season. I couldn’t see the progress I was making, “Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Johnson said in a statement.

No more fans in the Cleveland Browns playoffs and postseason: Doug Lesmerises |

Browns didn’t fool their way here. They got it by letting you through it. After all, the Browns will stop the two-point conversion at the last moment in order to beat the Steelers 24-22 on Sunday.

Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears Future After Winning Final NFC Wildcard Spot | NFL

After an unprecedentedly coherent season, the Bears went 5-1 to start the season, losing six straight and winning three straight. Wildcard spots mean that the franchise explosion felt inevitable. Bears had completed a six-game meltdown a month ago. As NFL Network Insider Ian Lapaport reported on Sunday, pulling out its tailspin and returning the Bears to the playoffs photo almost certainly saved Matt Nagy’s job. Nagy will be back next season..

Tennessee Titans Wins AFC South Championship, Derrick Henry Over 2,000 Rushyards | ESPN

Henry finished the season as a triple crown rushing winner by leading all NFL running backs in yards (2,027), trials (378), and rushing touchdowns (17).

Wentz reportedly planned to ask Eagles to trade | NBC Sports

“Carson Wentz, his relationship with the Eagles is almost broken. In fact, it’s broken,” Mortensen said.h / t Philly Voice Matt Mullin). “Wentz will ask the Eagles to trade. He will help the Eagles promote trade. The reaction of owner Jeffrey Lurie is essential to this. But now Wentz is clearly away from Philadelphia. I want to make a new start somewhere else. That will be a big off-season story. “

Eagles Tank, Jaylen Hearts Struggle, Nate Sadfeld Secure Loss | Philadelphia Inquirer

With all the delicacy of Sam Hinky, the Eagles have no meaning to them, but the Eagles defeat the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon and win to make the playoffs.

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Chiefs-Chargers Quick Response: Some are Good and Some Are Not

Darwin Thompson’s running back became a victim of the situation this season after the team made another draft in the first round, taking Darwin Williams off the bench first and then signing three all-pros. I did. Thompson unveiled his fresh foot on Sunday and his effectiveness at the touchdown goal line in the first quarter, a rare trouble area for the 2020 chief, was noteworthy. He later added a pass catch touchdown. This was an emphasis on his success the last time we met him on a regular basis.

Byron Pringle makes his claim to play more in the postseason

At a post-match press conference, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said he would praise Pringle, who had missed three matches due to an ankle injury, only three weeks ago.

“He has done a great job all the time,” Reed said of Pringle. “He was banged there for a moment, but since he returned he really gave us a good snap. It didn’t make a difference today either. When he caught and ran, he Is so physical — he has the real knack for it, you will see it in his return too. “

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Chiefs News: Chiefs judged from this point Chiefs News: Chiefs judged from this point

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