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Week 2 NFL odds, pick: Chief again surpasses Ravens to further increase Jason Lacanfora’s best bets | CBS Sports

Ravens Chief-3.5

Latest odds:

Baltimore Ravens +3.5

The chief was their kryptonite, even when the Ravens roster was at its best in recent years. Last year’s golden time, Kansas City came to Baltimore and beat Ravens for a quarter. Of course, it had no fans and would be hooked in Baltimore on Sunday night, but this isn’t the Ravens team we’re used to.

Injuries along the attack line are serious, there is no best way to block the tight end, there is no experienced running back with this unique scheme, and the amount of QB options may need to be significantly reduced. Maybe. The designed mesh point option performs the playback you want to perform. Last week, Lamar Jackson was only able to attempt two passes that traveled more than 20 yards in the air due to serious problems with the attack line, especially tackles. These can be even more serious as Ronnie Stanley, an all-pro left tackle, lacks practice all week and faces a potentially long absence.

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Bold prediction: Mahomes completes 6 throws of at least 20 yards. Those plays are always there for him against the Ravens team, who are hit by a lot of blitz but remain vulnerable to big throws. He has played 16 times in three career starts with Ravens. Ravens will join the game with the secondary depleted. — Adam Teicher

Statistics you need to know: Mahomes and Lamar Jackson have two of the highest total QBRs in quarterbacks and have been featured in over 10 prime-time games since the metric was launched in 2006. .. Jackson was 0-3 in his career with the Chiefs, largely due to accuracy issues, and was unable to complete 55% of his passes in any of these three matches.

This athletic trainer helps the Kansas City Chiefs win by prioritizing sleep.Yahoo sports

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Morton’s day is packed as she arrives early in the office and goes to the soccer field to practice. Sleep is also an important part of her day. There is always at least one player suffering from rest, whether due to stress or injury. This is one of the reasons Morton and her team recommend SleepNumber® products.She provides athletes with the best tools to help them perform at the highest level and teams up. Bouncy ball..

Almost 90% of chief athletes have SleepNumber 360® smart beds, and she believes that SleepIQ® technology helps these athletes get the best possible sleep on a regular basis. Technology is the key to Morton’s work. When a player shares data with her, Morton says it helps provide objective data that puts her and the player on the same page. This allows you to set goals and measure growth, whether it’s on-field and off-field statistics or metrics. It can be tracked via SleepIQ®.

Browns Punter Jamie Gillan Says Cost Cleveland Victory vs. Chiefs of His “Major Mistake” | Bleacher Report

“I got a little panicked and started running,” Gillan said. Akron Beacon Journal..

“Now that it happened, if that error happened again, it was a box of only 6 people and I had enough time to punt it. That was a big mistake for me. sorry.”

The man, nicknamed the “Scottish Hammer,” took a half-glass approach in the season just a week ago (h / t Ridenour).

“The point of my position is to be a weapon and to help the team, but obviously I didn’t. But things happen, right? And that changes my outlook or something in reality. Is not …

“I’m still a pint or two like this lucky guy. To be honest, I’m really happy that this happened in the first week. You’re trying to find a silver lining in all the clouds. And for me it’s a reset button, right? You can’t pint without catching the ball, so you’d better catch it next time. “

Chiefs: Three shifts when Eric Vinniemy departs for USC | FanSided

Hue Jackson

Cleveland Browns’ infamous non-winning 2017 was in the midst of Hue Jackson’s tenure, with a full indication of organizational dysfunction during the 2018 season.Hard knock.. “

Jackson didn’t bounce until he accepted his current gig as an attack coordinator and quarterback coach in Tennessee, but imagine stealing him to carry out the Chiefs’ attack would be too fascinating. Is not difficult.

Yes, Jackson eventually failed in both positions of his NFL head coach, but his first position coach job was in 1987 and his first offensive coordinator gig was in 1996. was.

Jackson brings decades of experience working in some of the world’s best football programs in Kansas City.

Around the NFL

Eagles Nick Sirianni makes a wise decision. NFL Top 5 Route Runners |

1-Stephon Diggs

Buffalo Bills

Watching Diggs work around is like watching an artist draw a masterpiece on a canvas. The All-Pro receiver flashes an extraordinary combination of balance, body control, and stop-start speed as you blow the defender in space. Diggs’ method can be unorthodox. Sometimes he reminds me of watching James Harden twist the defender in a knot on his way to the hoop. Bills’ Star Wide Out can win buckets in one-on-one matches against all defenders in the league, so it’s easy to explain why you posted three 1,000-yard seasons in a row while acting as a chain mover and big play. I can understand. Threat to the surroundings.

Las Vegas Raiders Excludes RB Josh Jacobs vs Pittsburgh Steelers in Sunday Match Due to Toe and Ankle Injury | ESPN

Jacobs rushed to two touchdowns, but on Monday night the Ravens won only 34 yards with 10 carries in a 33-27 overtime against the Baltimore Ravens.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden said Peyton Barber, who signed to Las Vegas on September 4, won the Jacobs national team, and veteran Kenyan Drake remains in the team’s game plan as a pass catch.

“We really like barbers-I think he has a terrible back,” Gruden said. “I like the way he runs, catches and picks up electric shocks.

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Ravens DC again compares Mahomes and Reed with Montana and Walsh

It is highly rated.

but why Do not Does Martindale think so? Since being named Ravens Defense Coordinator in 2018, he and Baltimore have been 0-3 against Kansas City. They are 25-10 against anyone else.

Beyond that, there that is Similarities between the two duos.

former San Francisco 49ers Head coach Bill Walsh West Coast Attack — An aggressive philosophy that emphasizes passing rather than running. The West Coast Offense features a short pass route instead of running play. Its main goal is to expand its defenses and open longer paths down the field.

Are you familiar with it? it should. It’s the skeleton on which the Chiefs Offense is built.

Walsh taught his quarterback coach Mike Holmgren his plans. Holmgren then handed it over to Andy Reid when he was Holmgren’s tight end and offensive line assistant coach. Green Bay Packers 1992.

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Chiefs News: Even before the injury, Ravens considered Chiefs to be their Cyptonite. Chiefs News: Even before the injury, Ravens considered Chiefs to be their Cyptonite.

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