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Match scoring

A- Texans

No quarterback is as good as the quarterback that Vinniemy is leaving, but Deshaun Watson near as it gets.. — Dan Graziano

Vinniemy’s current job

Aggressive coordinator, Kansas City Chiefs


Vinniemy, 51, has been running back in the NFL for nine years in Colorado. He taught running back in Kansas City before being promoted in 2018. — Adam Teicher

Greatest strength

Attention to details. The player who worked with Vinniemy talks about how detail-oriented he is and how to make sure that every player has a solid nuance in each play. He is your face communicator. Everyone knows exactly where they are standing in Viniemi. — Teicher

Eric Binnie Emmy is ready to become a head coach. Which NFL team will eventually take him? | USA Today

Vinniemy, 51, coordinates the league’s top-ranked attacks. His fingerprints are ubiquitous on superstars Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kerke.Kansas Chiefs, Defender Bouncy ball The champion has the highest NFL record 14-1 and the longest streak in 10 games, the No. 1 seed and home field advantage. AFC playoffs And the most fascinating and must-see TV attraction is primarily due to Mahomes, a great quarterback. Kansas City’s aggressive creativity is repeatedly demonstrated as the awesome moments pile up.

He is groomed by Andy Reid, one of the best coaches of his generation. Viniemi is widely respected in the NFL and has a reputation for being an innovator and a hands-on leader in delivering results.

If someone deserves a shot to take over the team, is it Viniemi?

If it were as simple as that.

Pete Prisco’s 17th Week NFL Pick: Cowboys Playoffs with Eagles Victory, Packers Win Top Seed, Jets Confuse Putt | CBS Sports

Los Angeles Chargers At Kansas City Chiefs

Latest odds:

Los Angeles Chargers-3.5

The chief is anchored to the AFC’s top seed, allowing players to rest. The Chargers want to revive in the last three games and end with a streak of wins. I think they are. Justin Herbert wins another one.

pick: Chargers 33, Chiefs 23

NFL Week 17 Teaser Pick Rankings: Trust Chiefs Backup and 7 Teaser Options to Consider | CBS Sports

Teaser option ranking

1.1. Qiefs +9.5 vs. charger

Yes i know it Patrsick Mahomes And some other major players will rest with nothing to play in Kansas City. But what, I say, is that? This is still Andy Reid vs. Anthony Lynn’s coaching match, and if the Chargers haven’t won a double-digit win against anyone but Jaguar this year, why would they do it against the Chiefs’ backup? What is it?

Most Notable US Athletes in 2020: No 3-Patrick Mahomes, the Ultimate Weapon | Parents

Occasionally, the chief ends the game with fewer points than his opponent.As their quarterback career progresses, it’s becoming more and more rare – they Lost only once I’ve played 21 games in the last 416 days, but it can happen.Still, Mahomes never I played a bad match as a professional.I mean please look.. He won 42 out of 51 career starts. 40, 51, 28, 31, 31, 13, twenty four, 32 And 32 The point of defeat.How difficult to exaggerate Not normal this is. But the whole Mahomes series of work has forced us to readjust our expectations of what is possible at the football arena.

The closest to a bad day in the office from the perspective of a Kansas City superstar was the biggest game of his life. For more than three-quarters of this year’s Super Bowl, he was in a hurry, annoyed, San Francisco 49ers‘Historically stingy defense. The Chiefs dragged 20-10, with less than 12 minutes remaining, he threw behind the receiver at the crossroads for a second interception at night. At that point, Mahomes completed 18 out of 29 passes at 172 yards with no touchdowns.

4 points from the 2020 fantasy football season | Ringer

Tight end position remains wasteland

Every year, fantasy experts try to market you in the tight end of the second half. It comes with the business. You will be hooked by scouting these overlooked people and seeing some promising features and lucrative situations. Therefore, I will make a note in December. Therefore, we will not fall into this next year.

The tight-end landscape has been dark for some time, and it’s getting worse year by year. The NFL team has passed more than ever, but is increasing the proportion of targets in wide receivers. This season would mean weeks of frustration with tight-end spots without Travis Kerke and Darren Waller.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kerke was a genuine first round pick in 2021. This year he recorded 1,416 yards in 15 games. The next tight end is the 1,079-yard Waller and the 698-yard TJ Hockenson. Basically, Kerke has doubled production this year. Third best Tight end. This is a league-winning production gap.

NFL MVP Watch 2020: Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes … or someone else? Top 5 Candidate Rankings | ESPN

2. Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

2020 statistics: 4,740 yards, 38 TDs, 6 intercepts in 15 games (plus 308 rush yards and 2 lashing TDs)

1st place vote: 9 of 3 | Probability of winning MVP: +210

Mahomes was great at quarterbacking the Chiefs to a 14: 1 record, but not many categories have Super Bowl champions beat Rogers. Simply put, the Packers quarterback surpassed Mahomes in one fell swoop, and the week the Chiefs QB went down against the Falcons, coupled with the fact that Rogers exploded in Sunday Night Football, could be a coffin nail. Mahomes’ three interceptions against Miami in the 14th week also did not help his proceedings. Neither is his career-as low as 5.4 yards per attempt against a saint.

Mahomes needs to dominate the Chiefs’ regular season finale with the Chargers, but Andy Reid is trying to give the starter a bit of a break before looking at the repeat run for next month’s title. It seems that. Of course, this doesn’t mean that 25 isn’t a great, great, or other adjective that can be used to describe his play in 2020. Mahomes leads the NFL in the transit yard and routinely pulls the wild head-a scratch, miracle play that leaves the rest of the league in awe of his talent. Rogers is getting a little better this season.

Around the NFL

Cleveland Browns coach, practice team player COVID-19 positive | ESPN

The Browns have been fighting the coronavirus problem since Saturday. On Saturday, after contacting another player who tested positive, the entire receiving team had to be put on the reserve / COVID-19 list as close, high-risk contacts. Receivers Jarvis Laundry, Rashard Higgins, Donovan Peoples Jones, Cadarel Hodge, linebackers BJ Goodson and Jacob Phillips all missed Cleveland’s 23-16 defeat. New York Jets..

On Tuesday, Browns added tight-end Harrison Bryant, Safety Karl Joseph and Andrew Senndejo to the Reserve / COVID-19 list.

Viking RB Dalvin Cook Will Not Play Sundays vs Lions After Father’s Death |

Dalvin Cook will not participate in the Minnesota Vikings season finale after his father’s death.

Cook returned to Miami after his father James died suddenly on Tuesday, NFL Network Tom Pericello reported, according to sources informed of the situation.

If Cook deviates from the COVID-19 inspection protocol, he will not be able to participate in the match on Sunday. Detroit Lions..

Rams WR Cooper Cupout vs. Cardinal COVID-19 Test Positive |

Rams have to win Sunday or get outside help to make the playoffs, and they try to do so without their starting quarterback and important receivers.

The placement of Coo Parkup on Tuesday’s Reserve / COVID-19 list was the result of a positive test. That said, he’s in the finale of Los Angeles’ regular season against Arizona, NFL Network Insider Ian Lapaport reported Wednesday.

The bid for Kup to play in all 16 games and break 1,000 yards for two consecutive seasons ends with this news. This causes the Rams to lose a major receiver as quarterback John Wolford prepares to start the first NFL.

If you missed it with Arrowhead Pride

Substandard Patrick Mahomes performance still led to a comeback victory

Imagine your favorite team needs the 17th week of the NFL season, and only a buy week to win the first seed of the postseason.

It has nothing to do with it.

on Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs certainly AFC playoffs Pass through Arrowhead Stadium 17-14 Comeback victory over- Atlanta Falcons.. The game didn’t go as far as everyone expected. The Chiefs’ attack was to bend the muscles again at the end before some key players took a break in the final week of the season. Instead, the attack fell well below that standard, leaving a bad taste in our mouth. But defensively — rallying linebackers together — Kansas City worked steadily, abandoning only two touchdowns.

Stretching this game turned into a sloppy, inconsistent, disjointed performance. There was no rhythm, it didn’t respond to pressure as usual, and I had a hard time converting the drive.

Some of this fell into quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes is an MVP candidate who rarely plays with such contradictions.

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Chiefs News: Focusing on the Future of Eric Binniemy Chiefs News: Focusing on the Future of Eric Binniemy

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