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NFL Week 7 Rookie Power Rankings: Offensive Blue Key of the Year Race Heats Up | CBS Sports

4-Creed Humphrey

Kansas City Chiefs NS

Humphrey does everything he is asked to do. He can seal the backside chase, go out for pull assignments, and work on the second level. Rookie played very powerfully, Trey smith Next to him.

11- Trey smith

Kansas City Chiefs OG

Smith really wrestled with the Washington front.He blew away some challenges and put a lot of pressure on him Patrick Mahomes..Rookie tandem Creed Humphrey And Smith has exceeded expectations this season.

Trading deadline is approaching and chiefs are running out of cap space | Chiefs Wire

according to NFLPA Public Salary Cap Report, The chief has only $ 1.7 million in cap space available. It describes all the deals, including the latest of WR Josh Gordon’s $ 600,000 cap hit. When you see players like former Chiefs DE Emmanuel Ogba and Jaguars DE Josh Allen mentioned as trade candidates in Kansas City, you can’t afford them without the corresponding move to create a cap space. Please know that.

Mac Jones PFF Grade Better Than Patrick Mahomes After 6 Weeks | Patriots Wire

Throughout the six weeks, Jones’ overall score is 79.7, his passing score is 78.3, and his running score is 65.0. (He also scored 72.6 in his work as a pass blocker, probably due to Jakobi Meyers’ pass attempt.) Jones’ overall score is 14th in the NFL.

As a point of comparison, Chief Quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ overall performance is 78.2, Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford is 78.2, Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is 77.2. All three quarterbacks have a lower season performance than Jones.

KC Chiefs: Josh Gordon is ready to play a bigger role in Week 7 | Arrowhead Addict

There are several reasons why Gordon didn’t get any more looks on Sunday.

First, in last week’s practice, the Chiefs were preparing for the WFT by attacking several new starters.Run back Clyde Edwards Herrele loses to IR MCL damage, left guard Joe Tony Suspicious with a broken hand, and Mike Remers I took the correct tackle position to start from Lucas Nian.. Tony finally started the game, but didn’t practice until Friday. That is, the Chiefs ran three new starters in one for most of the week.

Josh Gordon’s absence makes a little more sense looking back at Week 6.

We didn’t have much time to integrate Gordon into a large chunk of attack.

One of the things we learned about each NFL team in the sixth week of the 2021 season is that Broncos has collapsed and Rams is still a competitor. CBS Sports

Kansas City Chiefs

When they locked in, they easily returned from their initial deficit, They are still too loose in football.. Patrick Mahomes can never be counted, but he’s also almost locked in some potential sales.

Aggressive Player Rankings, Week 7: Dak Prescott hits new highs in three QBs |

Take a step back

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs QB

Mahomes’ greatest strength is his ability to perform so many plays unscheduled, but his tendency to make those plays can also annoy him. When you look at Mahomes, he doesn’t have great footwork or mechanics.His unbelievable talent Have Lifted the chief back to back Bouncy ball The shortcomings of his game are beginning to catch up with him, as evidenced by eight interceptions (and one fumble defeat) this season, including seven picks in his last four games. .. Two of those INTs are in Tyreak Hill, but Mahomes wasn’t in perfect sync with his playmaker at the beginning of the 2021 season. Andy Reid hesitated to hold back Mahomes, as the Chiefs’ attacks can be incredibly efficient and almost unstoppable when Mahomes is on the rhythm, despite the recent struggle. I feel like I am. It’s like facing Brett Favre. Defense knew he was going to give them three or four real opportunities to play. However He will also give his own weapons their own 20 opportunities. That’s part of the brilliance and that’s why the Chiefs are so much fun to see. So when it comes to quarterback play, Mahomes’ poor output slips him into the middle of the puck, but it’s hard to say that certain things need to be changed.

Giants Places LT Andrew Thomas (Ankle) in IR |

Thomas missed week 5 due to a left leg injury and then lost in week 6 Los Angeles RamsIt only ends in the second quarter with an injury to the right ankle. Thomas will miss at least three games under the NFL rules governing players on the injured list after September 1. That is, the club does not start the QBDa blind side protector.NSIel Jones for upcoming games against Carolina Panthers, With Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders.. Thomas then has a goodbye week to recover further, at the earliest, before returning to the 11th week match against the talented Pass Rusher. Tampa Bay Buccaneers..

Biggest Seasonal Trading for All NFL Teams | Yard Barker

Kansas City Chiefs: Raiders allow rivals to be inducted into the Hall of Fame

Dallas shortly after the 1962 season began Texans I sent the previous starting quarterback, Cotton Davidson, to the Raiders. Lenderson’s arrival in Dallas made Davidson a consumable, and the Raiders sent their future rivals their first round of 1963 picks for the then 30-year-old QB. After playing with the Texans in the first week, Davidson started 13 games for the Raiders. They advanced 1-13, giving final AFL champion Texas first overall in the December draft. Dallas chose Buck Buchanan, who was the anchor for the two Chiefs Super Bowl defenses. The striking Defensive Tackle played 13 seasons of Chiefs on his way to the Hall of Fame.

Around the NFL

Cleveland Browns believes that quarterback Baker Mayfield’s shoulder injury is not the end of the season, according to sources. ESPN

Cleveland Browns doesn’t believe quarterback Baker Mayfield’s left shoulder injury will end his season or require immediate surgery at this point, league sources told ESPN. ..

But Mayfield is still waiting for a second opinion from his own doctor. The doctor is expected to review his MRI scan later on Tuesday.

Mayfield first suffered a shoulder injury (partially torn lips) on September 19 when he attempted to tackle after interception. He put a harness on his shoulder for support and continued to play through it.But Mayfield exacerbated shoulder injuries on Sunday Arizona Cardinals..

Broncos OLB Von Miller guarantees a “couple sack” against Browns tackles: “I’m going to kill him” |

“I don’t know who is against the tackle, but I’m going to kill him. I’m going to kill the other guy on the other side of him, and I’m going to play very well, and I’m I’m going to play for my team, and yeah, I’m going to (go) surely prepare us to win this game, “Miller said.

Buffalo Bills says TE Dawson Knox lost to Tennessee Titans and broke his hand | ESPN

Knox caught a 25-yard pass three times in the game. Former high school quarterback and Bills third round picks in 2019 also gave quarterback Josh Allen a two-point conversion pass in the third quarter, despite being already injured.

“A big cry to Dawson,” Allen said. “I was trying to cancel the playoffs — I was waving at [offensive coordinator Brian Daboll] Like “Don’t call it, we can’t do it.”When [Knox] Looked at me and said, “I got it. I’ll deliver it to you.” So it’s a big time to put your body on such a line and go through it. It’s great when your teammates are happy with it. That’s why we love him. “

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The Texans cut Whitney Mercills: Should the Chief try to sign him?

Can the chief afford him?

Before he was cut, the answer was no. There was some talk that the Texans might have leaked news to spur trade offers from another team (As seen on Stephone Gilmore), But they officially announced the move on Tuesday.

If multiple teams are fighting to sign him, his one-year contract is still relatively low and can be expected to range from $ 1 million to $ 1 million. Chiefs — $ 2.4 million in cap space — You can afford it, but they have to be creative.

However, it’s not Much competition to sign him — and Mercils is motivated to come to Kansas City — he’s probably persuaded to sign a veteran salary contract based on Mercils’ NFL minimum wage of $ 1.08 million. There is a possibility that Proportionalized for the rest of the season, the chief costs about $ 640,000 for the cap. This definitely can afford. You can also give Mercils a $ 137,500 contract without the effects of additional caps.

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Chiefs News: Is Creed Humphrey Participating in the Offensive Blue Keys of the Year Conversation? Chiefs News: Is Creed Humphrey Participating in the Offensive Blue Keys of the Year Conversation?

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