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Kansas City Chiefs gained home-field advantage through the playoffs, beating the Atlanta Falcons 17-14 in the 16th week. The Pittsburgh Steelers stopped losing three games in a row and beat NFC North 28-Indianapolis Colts 24 times. In other words, the front runners of the two conferences are all A-OK, and I think they will be able to participate in the AFC Championship Game in a few weeks. Not so fast.

16th Week NFL Summary | The strange historical significance of Tuatago Viroa and Ryan Fitzpatrick Dynamic

Two narrow wins by the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers raised as many questions as they answered at the end of the month of common vulnerabilities by both teams. The NFL Recap believes one of these teams will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, but tracking the playoffs at the conference is more stringent than ever.

Summary of Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts

Colts seemed to have full control over the game after taking a 24-7 lead and stopping the Steelers at the goal line in the middle of the third quarter. The Steelers then quickly revived on both sides of the ball.

Ben Roethlisberger, who looked like father time for most of the first half, connected with Dionte Johnson in the end zone due to a 39-yard raindrop in the second half of the third quarter.

Roethlisberger and Eric Erbron capped an early quarter drive (mainly built from a pair of path interference penalties) with a short touchdown. Roethlisberger then used a pump fake to freeze the Colts secondary and make a third touchdown strike. This time, we sent a gorgeous 25-yard player to Juju Smith-Schuster.

Week 16 NFL Highlights | Steelers vs Colts

Meanwhile, TJ Watt, Stephen Twitt, Cameron Hayward, and Avery Williamson took turns entering Colts’ backfield, harassing Philip Rivers. Mike Hilton intercepted the Rivers and stopped one slow comeback attempt, and the last Colts Drive stalled as the Rivers failed to convert to 4th and 8th on the Steelers’ 33-yard line.

The Pittsburgh Steelers victory closed the playoff berth and positioned it as AFC’s second seed to enter an important (for both teams) 17th week match against the Cleveland Browns.

Summary of Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons

It was another game that looked like a class genius that appeared in the hope that the chief would forget that there was an exam, not study, and get an A-plus based on a pure genius. .. Patrick Mahomes took a break for most of the first half, and the game plan remained unnecessarily complicated.

Seriously, Andy Reid and the company. They are Falcons. You can defeat them by running the balls and waiting for them to do stupid things.

The Falcons led 14-10 in 4’33 when it was time for the natural order of the universe to reassert. Mahomes led a vivid drive that ended with a touchdown by Demarcus Robinson. Matt Ryan then pushed the Falcons into the field goal range and looked for a way to lose the game.

The chief dodges another bullet — can some be dodged with an error slimming margin?

He tried to be fired outside the field goal but failed. He tried a strip sack and failed (his arm was moving forward). And he tried to throw a passcut but failed. Finally, the Falcons sent Younghoe Koo to lose the game in a 39-yard chipshot field goal attempt. The kick seemed to reach its goal until someone pulled an invisible bungee cord and sailed a lot to the right.

The Chiefs are currently winning 10 games in a row. By clinching the first seed of the playoffs, they made the match against the Los Angeles Chargers meaningless next week. It gives them a few weeks to rest some stumbling starters, especially the tight end Travis Kerke.

Why Kansas City Chiefs Fans Should Fear

Andy Reid said the chiefs “should get a slight electric shock every time they perform a variation of the Wing T formation. Everyone in the backfield spins the supermodel a bit and snaps directly to Darrell Williams to Sammy Watkins. Pivot the pitch and give Patrick Mahomes an optional pass. ”Crazy cake is a squeeze (in the case of Reid, an alcohol-free eggnog with additional nutmeg) and a 1930s rose bowl footage. It plays the concept they devised.

Week 16 NFL Highlights | Chiefs dodge bullets, Falcons miss field goals

Kansas City Chiefs have won a total of 27 points in the last seven games. Their attacks surpass themselves. Their defense goes up and down to the level of competition. It’s the perfect recipe for playoff disappointment.

Why Pittsburgh Steelers fans should be afraid

Roethlisberger looked great in highlight montages and stats sheets, but had one of the less good games on closer inspection. He had a pass struck on the line, floating near the intercept in the middle of the field, bouncing a third pass four yards in front of the intended target. The Steelers caught some breaks later in the game when the off-target Roethlisberger pass led to a borderline pass interference foul.

Colts beat the Steelers 217 to 93 yards in the first half, deciding the conditions for the attack, except for the 1-watt stripsack and Hilton’s recovery. The Steelers live or die by playing big on both sides of the ball. When they don’t get enough of them, they can lose to any team in the NFL, even in Washington or the Cincinnati Bengals.

Why Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers fans can relax (a little)

Colts was unable to sign a contract as the Steelers were preparing for a knockout blow. Cleveland Browns lost to Jets. Yes, Browns lost his entire receiving unit to book the list protocol, but he could have defeated Jets by running wishbones. The dolphins didn’t look so threatening when the Las Vegas Raiders gave them everything they could handle on Saturday night. The AFC Wildcard Weekend looks like a glorious cannon feed.

This leaves Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans. Both will play after the NFL summary segment is reported on the 16th of this week. Both are known threats at this point in the season. The Steelers defeated the Titans, but lost to Bills. The Chiefs defeated Bills. No one saw any of these face-to-face matches as truly superior to anyone else.

Whether you like it or not, AFC, a fan of Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers, is a four-team race rather than a two-team race. It can cause some anxiety coming in mid-January in Pittsburgh and Kansas City. Still, it will make things more interesting for the rest of us.

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Chiefs, Steelers have reason to fear after a narrow victory Chiefs, Steelers have reason to fear after a narrow victory

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