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Sky: Children of Light (Free) I received a very interesting update from thatgamecompany today. Instead of an update that adds support for the next season with some fixes and changes, Sky: Children of Light Version 0.13.0, just released on iOS and Android, has been added to a new in-game system called Daily light This encourages players to become more sociable by reducing some of Light’s daily grinds.

The daily light system allows players to quickly force candles with less light than they are accustomed to using. This changes slowly throughout the day. For every 5 candles forged, the chevron is decremented by 1. This change was made to allow players to spend more time with their friends by reducing the amount of time they spend on candles and lights first.You can watch a video detailing the daily lights Sky: Children of Light less than:

Sky: Children of Light 0.13.0 brings a Days of Bloom holiday event to celebrate spring with petal-themed items and landscapes. The event ends April 4th and includes the ability to purchase new hairstyles and capes with an in-app purchase along with a tea set containing 35 candles.Pre-order for the assembly season Sky: Children of Light Beginning later in the day, many parts of the hidden forest change with the seasons. This update also includes new inbox features that will expand over time.Detailed patch notes Sky: Children of Light 0.13.0 is here.

Sky: Children of Light Now available for free on iOS and Android. Check it out on Android on Google Play here and iOS on the App Store here. For more information on the game, please see the forum thread. When it went on sale, we featured it as a game of the week.Have you played Sky: Children of Light What do you want to see on a regular basis and then with this year’s Nintendo Switch release?

‘Sky: Children of the Light’ Tries to Reduce the Grind and Make the Game More Social with Today’s Update Bringing in Daily Light, the Days of Bloom Event, and More

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