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Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals: This is a well-known event in the world of motorsport, attracting more than 300 entries each year at the Reverse Spirit Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Chili Bowl, known as the Midget Racing Super Bowl, is where drivers from various disciplines make an annual pilgrimage to the Temporary Quarter Mile to compete in the Tulsa Expo Raceway’s Quarter Mile Dirt Bullring. I will.

Only in January Talsa, race fans will have 24 winged sprint cars, wingless sprint cars, NASCAR, IndyCar, short track, and even drivers with NHRA background in the 55-lap championship. You can see the coveted spots competing among the starters of. Feature.

In the 34 editions of the event, the list of winners is read like a list of race hall of fame.

Sammy Swindel boasts a record five Chile Bowl wins, and in addition to his son Kevin winning four consecutive events from 2010 to 2013, the Swindel family has four of the Chile Bowl main events. I have won more than one-third.

Christopher Bell from Oklahoma has won the Chile Bowl three times, in 2017, 2018 and 2019, with two winners being Ricoh Breu, Tony Stewart, Dumbours and Corey Cruzman.

Single winners include Chili Bowl’s first winners Rich Vogler, Scott Hatton, John Heidenreich, Leland Maxpaden, Dave Brainy, Andy Hillenburg, Donnie Beehiller, Billy Boat and Jay Drake. , Tracy Hines, Tim McCreedy, Damion Gardner, Brian and more. Clauson and the current winner Kyle Larson finally scored the Chile Bowl score in their 13th attempt.

Buddy Cofoid (67) will race under Thomas Meseraul during the 2020 Chile Bowl Finale at the Tulsa Expo Raceway. (Blendon Baumann photo)

But while as impressive as the list of Chili Bowl winners, the list of marquee drivers who haven’t found a way to Tulsa’s winning stage is probably just as impressive.

Jerry Koons, Jr., the champion of all three USAC national divisions, has made 17 headliners on Saturday but has yet to experience glory in the Chile Bowl.

Justin Grant, who recently won the USAC Silver Crown series title for the first time, landed on the podium in 2017 and 2019 and has not won the Chile Bowl despite winning three qualifying rounds the night before. ..

This is the same story for USACAM SOIL National Sprint Car Series and USACNOS Energy Drink Midget Series Champion Tyler Courtney. Tyler Courtney has won past qualifying rounds and has been a feature starter many times on Saturday. He has never been in the top five at the Chile Bowl Finale.

USAC sprint car and silver crown Titleist Chris Windom has made seven starts at the Chile Bowl main event, but he’s still not on the list of races he’s already conquered, but “the race he wants to win.” Is counting to.

Past World of Outlaw Champion and Knoxville Nationals Winner Danny Lasoski, who was the driving and crew chief of Mason Daniel on the Outlaw Tour, finished second in the Chile Bowl three times, but 14 times. I have never visited the victory lane for the feature appearance of. 17 years.

Ron Schmann, who has won almost everything he had to win a midget car race and holds a record of eight wins at the Turkish Night Grand Prix, has never won the main event of the Chile Bowl. He performed the finale nine times and won the runner-up twice.

USAC Triple Crown Champion Dave Durland, who has won almost everything to win in the Midget and non-winged sprint car races, has been trying to win the Chile Bowl for nearly 30 years. His best finish is the second (2008) with 15 main event starts.

Brad Sweet, Darling Pitman, Casey Kane, Brady Bacon, and Tanner Sawson are those who have tried the glory of the Chilean Bowl, but still lacked, at least at this point. All of them have played a role in the finale of recent years.

There are few races that are authoritative enough and challenging enough, so simply having a chance to win them is as straightforward as actually winning an event. The Chili Bowl is one of the rare gatherings that is considered a major achievement in making the show, not to mention actually winning completely.

But that doesn’t mean that well-known drivers who aren’t yet on the list of Chile Bowl winners aren’t willing to join it. With each passing year, that motivation becomes even stronger.

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Chili Bowl Chaser | Speed ​​Sports Chili Bowl Chaser | Speed ​​Sports

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