China builds full-size Titanic replica as a tourist attraction

Illustration of an article titled Full Size Titanic Replica of Chinese Architecture as a Tourist Attractions

screenshot: SCMP / AFP @ YouTube

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A theme park in Suining, China at the end of this year Scheduled to end Full size version of Titanic.

Approximately $ 155 million is spent on replicas being built in landlocked countries.So you don’t have to worry about going out to sea And meet a tough fate!

Project manager Xu Junnian said: SCMP, “Construction of the main deck is complete. Only the 2.5th floor above the deck is unfinished.”

“Visitors will feel the luxury and grandeur of Titanic,” added investor Shu Shaojun. The project also recreates the surrounding wharf. This may seem a little creepy, but the attractions also promise to tell a “moving story” during the tour, as visitors experience luxury before a terrible disaster.

So SCMP He points out that this attraction has been criticized online in China as it is seen as an attempt to monetize a fatal accident.

Earlier this month, one-on-one scale Gundam Got up in China.. It certainly seems like a happier replica to visit!

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