Chocobo GP is a car racer that appears in the switch that can support up to 64 people.

Square Enix revealed at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Chocobo GP, A new kart racing game set in the world of chocobos.

This game is a sequel to Chocobo Racing, released in 1999 for the original PlayStation. The sequel was announced like the work at the Nintendo E3 2010 press conference on the Nintendo 3DS, but the game was canceled by October 2013.

Introducing the Chocobo GP on Switch in 2022, the Chocobo GP features courses from the famous Chocobo and Final Fantasy locations, as well as a variety of characters from the entire franchise. These include, but are not limited to, Sid’s test tracks, the streets of Alexandria and Zozo, and the Gold Saucer.

We have a wide range of characters from the Chocobo series that collect magic kites in magic eggs scattered around the truck. Collecting it will infuse your character with magic such as fire and aero, which you can use to make yourself more competitive with other racers.

Chocobo GP features a variety of game modes, including stories, custom races, and even bracket-style tournaments that can support up to 64 players. Online or local multiplayer is also supported in some modes.

Your goal in the game is to cross the finish line first to win the ultimate reward, the desire for what your mind wants. For us, it’s a deserted atoll hut near the Maldives, where cheese grows on trees and wine flows out of the earth like a natural hot spring. But that never happens.

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