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Charger Metals was founded on November 27, 2020 to gain interest and research in battery mineral and precious metal projects in Australia.

Charger signs an option agreement with Western Australia’s Coates Ni-Cu-Co-PGE project to acquire a 70% stake in the Lake Johnston Lithium and Gold project (100% acquired by one tenant) and the Bynoe Lithium and Gold project. Did. In the Northern Territory.

In addition, Charger has signed another option agreement to acquire an 85% stake in the Coates North project, which is adjacent to the Coates Ni-Cu-Co-PGE project.

Following the recent success of Chalice Gold Mines Limited in Julimar, Shire of Northham, Western Australia, a significant amount of exploration funding has been raised from a variety of stakeholders in the emerging Ni-Cu-Co-PGE state. It was procured. The Coates Ni-Cu-Co-PGE project has a serious Ni-Cu-Co-PGE geochemical anomaly that justifies further investigation to test targets within 28 km of the Julimer project.

CHR is expected to be listed on ASX in July 2021.

CHR-Charger Metal | Australian Stock Forum CHR-Charger Metal | Australian Stock Forum

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