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Chris brown When he was over, he quickly turned a fairly peaceful battle into an explosive end. Stephen Jones Third in the barrage of punches. Two men clashed in a £ 174 catchweight battle at LFA 121’s main event in a factory in Deep Elm, Dallas, Texas, on Friday night, but when the dust settled down, their hands It was Brown that I mentioned.

Brown (8-3) used a tactical approach to the enemy and had a hard time landing kicks and punches cleanly early on. Jones (8-3) aimed to challenge the canvas throughout, but it was Brown’s power that paved the way for victory. Brown jumped when he stumbled on the canvas with a left hook on his forehead early on in the third wobbled Jones’ foot. Brown dropped an endless storm of elbows and punches from above, and when Jones rolled over with a weak attempt to survive, referee Aaron Menard had no choice but to pull Brown apart, ending the contest in just 64 seconds in the third.

Elijah Johns He wore it, so it was dominant in the joint main event
Brandon Phillips Over 3 rounds in a £ 151 catchweight battle. Johns (8-2) recorded multiple takedowns and smashed Phillips (8-5) during the match to control the pace of the contest. Phillips continued to fight at his feet and tried to land a powerful strike, but Johns, who lost weight on Thursday, used his excellent wrestling to stop it. Johns easily won 30-27 (twice) and 30-26, and unanimously nodded.

Michael Sill It was a pretty big underdog participating in his contest with an undefeated bantamweight outlook Alden Korea
And with a spectacular submission, he won. After the first two rounds of nip and tack, which were mostly fought on the feet, Cyr went bankrupt in the third round and relentlessly worked on his submitted game. “The Mullet” missed the guillotine and after scrambling, locked Coria (5-1) with a twister. After failing to sink the rare submarine, Cyr switched to an attempt to strangle naked while still torque the twister. Korea escaped the attack, but when he rolled on his belly, Sill (4-0)
Immediately sank into the textbook’s rear-naked choke and succumbed to the enemy
.. It officially ended at 3:20 on the third frame.

Bantamweight after more than two years away
Isaiah Gutierrez Overcame an early storm to submit Keaton Gorton Secondly. Gorton first dropped Gutierrez on the right hook and dominated the enemy in the opening frame, but Texan turned around in the next stanza.Gutierrez (7-1) went shortly after Gorton (6-6) and defeated him, and when Gorton stood up, Gutierrez
Trapped in a guillotine and forced to tap
, Exit fracas at 1:28 seconds.

Glory kickboxing veteran Amber Boinazarov (3-0) He barely sweated when he beat his fellow featherweights John Fam In just 21 seconds.Boynazarov shook Fam (4-2)
He turned his knees to his face and immediately closed him with a follow-up punch.
, Referee Menard rushed in to stop it, so he knocked him cold against the cage.

Former LSU soccer player Jacoly Savage Lived in a great first round stop winover, not ashamed of his name in his professional MMA debut Mustafa Sengor.. Savage shook his enemies with his elbows on his legs, and after wild scrambling, he rolled them up onto Sengor (2-1) in the first half.
He dropped a lot of strikes
Until the referee Birchie Stillwagoner had to intervene. The end was the first 3:53, which brought TKO’s victory to the 2019 National Champion.

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Chris Brown stops Stephen Jones at LFA121 main event Chris Brown stops Stephen Jones at LFA121 main event

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