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Despite what many recognize as the biggest turmoil in UFC history Bellator Champion Chris Cyborg wasn’t surprised to see Julianna Peña win. Amanda Nunes and UFC 269..

With the final pay-per-view of 2021, Penha shocked the world inside Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena by defeating “Liones.” Prior to the clash, not many gave “Venezuelan Vixen” who participated in the contest with 2 wins and 2 losses in the previous four battles.

The general consensus was that Nunez, the dominant two-division champion who hasn’t lost since 2014, defeated Valentina Shevchenko and others with 12 consecutive victories. Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, and Holly Holm, Close Penha’s self-confidence Emphasize down.

Instead, the vulnerable fought Nunez at their feet before defeating the Brazilians. Submit her in the second round..Discussion of whether it outweighed upsets like Matt Serra’s victory Georges St-Pierre Holm’s victory over Rausie is intensifying, but it certainly has the most shocking moments in UFC history.

Cyborg believes Penha “quits” Nunez

But what didn’t surprise me at all was former UFC female featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. Brazilians currently competing under the Bellator MMA promotional banner predicted the turmoil last weekend, knowing that Penha had what it needed.

Talk about the results in an interview with Martial arts in Fanatics viewCyborg explained why “Vixen in Venezuela” expected to get the job done on December 11th. This is a feat that cyborgs couldn’t accomplish themselves in 2018.

“As you know, I wasn’t surprised because I chose Julianna Peña for five defeats of Amanda Nunes, four in the same style as Julianna Peña. And before, we were Amanda. I knew that Nunes’s danger was the first round. If I went through the first round with her, I could take part in the fight. We knew this. Of course, you When you fight her, you ignite and ignite, and it knows what you know, what happened.

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“When she passed the first round, she knew she couldn’t finish you, so she would run away or stop on the floor or something, and this happened to Julianna Peña. That is. “

Cyborg also questioned the end-of-fight sequence, even though the newly crowned champion brought the fight to Nunez and praised her ability to force her into a position where she hadn’t been since 2014. According to a 36-year-old, Penha wasn’t locking in his submission when “Liones” tapped out. Reflects the thoughts of many, Bellator Featherweight title holders believe Nunez “quits”.

“Julianna didn’t have the submissions the way she finished the fight, so I don’t feel like Julianna did any kind of submissions. Amanda Nunes doesn’t end her at some point. Realizing that, Julianna Peña continued to tap, but (Peña) didn’t submit anything … because when it comes to competing for the title, she’s ready for seven rounds. Is the second time.

“I feel like Juliana had a very good jab. In the second round, Amanda wanted to end the fight to KO her as soon as possible, but Juliana kept her in the jab. The jabs really opened a lot of doors for Juliana. The reality was that when they stopped the fight, I didn’t think they ended the fight because she didn’t have any submissions there, and I I didn’t even see the tap … I believe in Amanda, what went through her mind there I don’t know, but I believe she stopped at that time. “

The end of Nunez’s reign at the top of a bantamweight mountain has rekindled the debate over whether he is the greatest female mixed martial arts player of all time.

Although there was consensus that the shape of Nunez and her previous victory over the cyborg led her, some of the MMA community have had only one record setback for “Liones” since their defeat in MMA debut in 2005. I believe it is a drawback of. , Holds the GOAT title.

Do you agree with Chris Cyborg? Did Amanda Nunes quit at UFC 269?

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Chris Cyborg was “not surprised” Julianna Peña offended Amanda Nunes Chris Cyborg was “not surprised” Julianna Peña offended Amanda Nunes

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