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Liam Williams injured Chris Eubank Jr. has set a new date for the fight

Chris Eubank JR Match Liam WilliamsIt was scheduled to be held on December 11th in just two weeks, but it has been postponed.

As soon as Williams attended a press conference that he was injured, speculation was circulating during the last week. He injured his shoulder and excluded him from the match in December. But the battle is still going on. The date has changed to January 29th and the venue remains Cardiff’s Utilita Arena. Tickets already purchased for the battle are still valid.

“I was obviously disappointed to hear Liam Williams’ injury, but thankfully I have to wait a few more weeks to witness this blockbuster clash. Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Liam Williams is now in the UK It’s the biggest fight in boxing, “said Eubank promoter Callesauerland. “There is real bad blood between them, and their competition will intensify as we approach the night battle. This is the match everyone has been waiting for. The atmosphere of Cardiff is these two. It will be great when the warriors finally meet in the middle of the ring and resolve the difference. “

Sky sports will be aired. “We were absolutely angry at Liam’s injury and are equally pleased to be able to resume this fight in the coming weeks to ensure Liam’s 100% fitness. Bitterness and mind games only intensify during this period, and by the time they enter the ring it will be boiling point. “This will be the biggest domestic game in 2021. Now it will be the biggest domestic game in 2022. And it will start the Sky Sports Boxing New Year with great success. It’s from top to bottom. It’s a great card and I can’t wait to feel the atmosphere of Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on the night of the battle. It will be electric. “

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Chris Eubank Jr. vs Liam Williams postponed Chris Eubank Jr. vs Liam Williams postponed

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