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In episode 39 of the Sun Valley podcast, a big moment of Chris Paul steals the spotlight and jumps into all Asterisk Talk and “A Quiet Place Part II.”

Welcome to the festive episode of the Valley Boys and Girls, Valley of the Sands Podcast!

Phoenix Suns returns to the NBA Finals, and in episode 39, host Gerald Burger begins the show by giving flowers to Chris Paul after the best performance of Point God’s illustrious career. His 41-point closeout effort in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals has been decided and must not be forgotten. It’s worth spending time in all the adversity he’s experienced in his career, and during the run of this year’s postseason, to reach the first final. 16th year.

Bourguet then deals with the asterisk conversation. Sands hasn’t won anything yet, but all the stories about the potential championship season with an asterisk next to it are dishonest and flat stupid, so the episodes of all those stories from all possible angles The asterisk discussion can be filled in once as it takes time to analyze the points.

From there, the show delves into five things band wagon fans and national media people need to know about this special Sands team. Devin Booker laid the foundation and there was a general manager in Chris Paul’s leadership. Really Responsible for the success of this team (Spoiler Alert: not Ryan McDonough).

Finally, for the latest G rated segment, Quiet Place Part II An incredibly well-made, anxious horror film that expands its unique premise in an original way and proves itself as an original valuable sequel.

Sands fans can check out the podcasts or YouTube videos below.

Breakdown of Episode 39:

  • Chris Paul grabs his moment (4:15)
  • Asterisk debate (10:40)
  • 5 things you need to know about this Sands team (26:00)
  • Grated: Quiet Place Part II (42:30)

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Chris Paul’s big moment, Asterisk Talk & “A Quiet Place Part II” Chris Paul’s big moment, Asterisk Talk & “A Quiet Place Part II”

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