Chris Pine Appears in New Dungeons & Dragons Movie

Wonder Woman 1984 and Star Trek’s Chris Pine are in talks to star in Paramount and eOne’s Dungeons & Dragons feature film. Spider-Man: Homecoming Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are set to oversee features based on the popular role-playing game owned by Wizards of the Coast, according to THR reports. Goldstein and Daley have also created the latest version of the script based on a previous draft by Michael Gilio.

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No details are given for the plot of this new Dungeons & Dragons movie, but it will be the first feature film based on this property since Jeremy Irons appeared in Newline’s adaptation in 2000. The rights to the Dungeons & Dragons film appear to have been allowed by Warner Bros. to take control after years of court battles and a 2015 reconciliation. Ansel Elgort had an early discussion with the star. Things changed after Paramount signed a production and distribution agreement with Hasbro, the owner of Wizards of the Coast. This news makes a little more clear about their plans. Former Marvel Studios executive Jeremy Ratcham is participating as an eOne producer and will be shown in theaters on May 27, 2022, following a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In a 2000s dungeon and dragons review, “If making a movie is like running a marathon, the dungeon and dragons are like a crawling toddler. This movie is already the legendary Battlefield Earth legal. Really gives the competition as the worst. The most inappropriate big-budget movie released by major studios in recent memory. Although there are no additional camp elements (Scientology Connection, Toddler) in Battlefield Earth. , Can actually be even. bad.. It’s a considerable achievement. ”

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