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Atlanta-The Dodgers, who tied in the ninth inning for the second time in many games, were building another rally on Saturday night.Cody Bellinger’s two-out single sent Chris Taylor To second base. Mookie Betts had two men on board. The Dodgers were in business.

And suddenly it wasn’t. When Taylor realized that he shouldn’t really endanger the finals on third base, he realized he was in a no-man’s land far beyond his second base bag. Braves right fielder Joc Pederson defended Bellinger’s single much faster than Taylor expected. So Taylor braked. By that time, it was too late.

As the rundown continued, Taylor was tagged out, denying the Dodgers the best chance of winning Game 1 of the National League Championship Series at Trueist Park. After a few minutes, they lost it, 3-2, Walk-off single from Atlanta third baseman Austin Riley in the bottom of the 9th inning.

The Dodgers, who beat the Braves 10-6, were left only to miss the chance they missed. And especially missed one opportunity.

“It was just a bad read,” Taylor said. “I saw it barely get over [second baseman Ozzie] Albies’ head, and I thought I could reach the third. I didn’t realize that Joc got it so quickly and tried to quit. I should have just continued. “

The Dodgers attack was inconsistent this postseason, scoring less than three runs in five out of seven games. Of course, the other two scored a total of 16 points. But for a team that boasts one of the best collections of bats in the majors, their lineup is clearly not firing on all cylinders.

And again, they managed to win the game thanks to their knowledge, even when the Dodgers attack wasn’t completely clicked this season. They do not give out. In particular, they do not encounter many outs at the base. The Dodgers finished with the fourth highest on-base percentage this season, but with the seventh lowest on-base percentage in the majors, they were thrown only 42 times in this season’s base pass.

“When we’re in the scoring position, you don’t want to make a final there,” Taylor briefly said.

Taylor was the Dodgers’ standard operating procedure, but he never had a third-based coach, Dino Ebel, in play. The way they teach it, the runner on first base is given the freedom to read his own with a single hit to the outfield.

Taylor’s reading was to break third. Then he changed his mind. And that’s where the play got into a fuss. Even if Taylor made the wrong decision to go third, if he kept running, he would at least force Pederson to throw a good pitch.

“According to the book, he should probably have stayed,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “But I thought I read it well because I was hit gently into the gap.

“That’s one of the things you have to choose. You’re going to go hard … or just hold on and give Muky a chance with two outs. But I got him caught in the meantime. I think it was like that when you were in trouble. “

Pederson had to make a wise momentary decision to drive the runner to second base. His throw to Dansby Swanson was low, and the Braves shortstop chose it nicely. Swanson turned to first base to check Bellinger, and then to third base when he noticed Taylor hung up.

“To be honest with you, I thought [Taylor] If you jump and the ball crosses your head, you’ll be in third place, “Albies said. “When I looked back and saw him on the way, he stopped and said,’OK, we got him.’ Dansby did a great job of picking the ball that Jock threw. And we took him out. “

The Braves performed the next rundown with minimal turmoil-from Swanson to Riley and then to Swanson. When Taylor tried to avoid Swanson’s tag, he spun and hit his head against Swanson’s left thigh.

Taylor appeared upset when he slammed his helmet into the soil. But then he said he felt good.

“I was just frustrated,” said Taylor, who released the RBI single in the second inning.

Two days after Bellinger’s single with two men gave the Dodgers nine leads in Game 5 of the NL Division Series against the Giants, Betts wasn’t given the same chance.

The Braves were gifted and quickly acquired capital, winning a 1-0 lead in the top seven NLCS. In postseason history, the team with a 1-0 lead in the Best 7 Series continues to win 182 times (64%) in Series 116.

“Jock did a really good job getting closer to the ball,” said Atlanta manager Brian Snitker. “Dansby played heads-up as usual. You never know. That is, it’s a huge thing in the game.”

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Chris Taylor Makes Runner Error in NLCS Game 1 Chris Taylor Makes Runner Error in NLCS Game 1

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