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Christmas song by Kenyan musician


Christmas song by Kenyan musician

Singer Atemi Ojung (red), veteran artist Erick Wainaina (far right) and band members perform the 8th edition of “Tis the Season” at Hub Karen in Nairobi. Photo | NMG


  • No matter where you are in the world, individuals and families continue to have the best memories of the festival through the music they grow up listening to every Christmas.
  • A deliberate effort by Kenyan musicians to add interpretations of traditional Christmas songs to the traditional repertoire of popular names such as Boney M., Jim Reeves and Kenny Rogers has emerged.

The spirit of Christmas is captured memorably through traditional carols and modern songs that have been the soundtrack to seasonal celebrations for generations.

No matter where you are in the world, individuals and families continue to have the best memories of the festival through the music they grow up listening to every Christmas.

Western pop and country music performances of Christmas songs have dominated our celebrations, but in recent years Kenny musicians have interpreted traditional Christmas songs as traditions of popular names such as Bonnie M and Jim Reeves. A deliberate effort to add to the traditional repertoire has emerged or Kenny Rogers.

Producer and arranger Victor Seiy, along with artists such as Erick Wainaina, Harry Kimani, Souty Sol, Wendy Kimani, Patricia Kihoro and Dan Aseda, made his Christmas series “Well Seasoned” in 2005 and 2011. 2 volumes have been released.

This year, despite Covid-19 regulations limiting artist activity, some of the top musicians were able to enter the studio and record new songs for the Christmas celebration album.

“Tis the Season” is the brainchild of Atemi Oyungu and Eric Wainaina, who have co-produced concerts of the same name since 2013. This year, we’re trying to find a new way to present music in a fun and accessible way for fans wherever they are. They may be.

“It’s been a year now and it’s right to get something healthy for Christmas,” says Wainaina. “This family of musicians has been working hard over the last few weeks to ensure that they deliver the right gift for you.”

In addition to a carefully curated live concert of social distance, he featured a two-night TV special in the 2020 edition of “Tis the Season,” which aired the first night and went online last Sunday. Streamed on, and the second night will air tonight. This year’s project also includes the release of the first official “Tis the Season” album, which includes recordings of songs played during the show.

As a guest artist on the album, which was released at the concert at Karen’s hub last weekend and at the premiere concert on NTV, the duo brought together a surprising amount of talent. “All songs are what you are aware of. The only surprise is the raw urban style that combines traditional African rhythms with beautiful harmonies, afro-pop, afro-jazz, and even Gengetone, rap and dancehall. And that’s how we changed them, by the youth of the last two years, “says Atemi.

The first single of “Tis the Season” is “Yesu Amezaliwa (Do you See What I See)”, a mid-tempo rumba-driven groove with fun guitars and vocals from Sauti Sol Atemi’s Bien-Aime Baraza, Wambura Mitaru and Eric Wainaina. .. The climax is reached as Wire celebrates the track with the delivery of its trademark dancehall.

The classic Christmas “Little Drummer Boy” is constructed from noisy festive chants with the country’s most talented ensembles, such as Mayonde, Manasseh Shalom, and Karimi, and is uplifting in sync with the spirit of celebration. It changed to rhythm. Limbui and Kagwe Mungai have a very smooth finish.

The performance included other catchy dance tunes for Christmas in Kenya. In particular, Chris Adwar’s “Busto Usagoo” is a humorous take on a Christmas trip that has been popular with viewers in the past Tis the Season. “We Three Kings” is a mashup with “Safari Ya Bamba” by Isaac Kimani, Karimi Rimbui and Wambura Mitaru. Both songs are included in the album.

This time, Tis the Season presents some of the country’s fastest-growing talents, including singers Kendi Nkonge, Lisa Oduor, Charity Nyambura and Vinny Ngugi, who has already established itself as part of the duo TeleVision. I will.

The TV special also featured a special appearance by Jacob, Cavsa Ashiyo, Aaron Limbuy, and the group H_art the Band.

Kavutha has also appeared on two tracks on the album, “Silent Night” and “Tidings of Comfort with Eric”.

The band consisted of highly experienced musicians, Marvin Maveke on drums, Asaph Uzele on bass, guitarists Benjamin Kabaseke and Ivy Alexander, and Victor “Tots” Kimetto on keyboards.

The second concert of the “Tis the Season” series will be live on NTV from 10 pm on Christmas Eve tonight.

Christmas song by Kenyan musician Christmas song by Kenyan musician

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