Christmas toy items in Animal Crossing: New horizon for a limited time

Today is the beginning of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toy Day event. In other words, you can get a set of Christmas toys for a limited time.

Following last week’s Turkish Day Thanksgiving event, the Toy Day celebration will take place from December 1st to 25th, and 24th is a big day in itself. Expect a lot of holiday-themed festive decorations to emerge in the coming weeks. For example, shaking a tree can cause special decorations to fall off.

However, if you want to get stuck right away, you can visit Nook’s Cranny and buy the limited-time Christmas toys mentioned above. As long as the game has been updated to the latest version, starting today you will see the following toys in the seasonal furniture spot at the bottom left of the store (Thanks, AnimalCrossingWorld).

toy price
Dinosaur toys 2,400 bells
Dollhouse 4,000 bells
Kids tent 4,500 bells
Mini circuit 3,800 bells
Pop-up book 2,000 bells
Puppy plush 2,400 bells
RC helicopter 3,600 bells
Tin robot 3,500 bells
Stocking set 2,000 bells

As with most items, you’ll find that you can only pick up one specific color variation per item from your own Nuuk’s Crannie store, but always organize your transactions by email and pick up different sets. I can. Especially those stockings are sure to make your home look very Christmas-like.

Don’t forget to join the game on December 24th, find the reindeer jingles and take part in festive activities. We hope these new toys will help you immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas while you wait.

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