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A fallen angel stood up. Christo and Jeanne’s is back in Impact Wrestling.

Daniels last appeared on Impact during the 2014 TNA era. Four X-Division champions and two Tag Team champions will resume activity next week.

The story contained many inspiring works with Christian Cage, Josh Alexander, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton.Alexander officially abandons the X Division Championship to win Option C and competes with Christians for the world title Bind for glory October 23rd. Ace decided to suspend the procedure. A brawl broke out and Ace jumped out of the Christian eye with a wand.

Christians and Alexander wanted immediate rewards in the form of tag matches, but changing room doctors did not medically allow Christians to compete. His eye injury required further examination. EVP Scott D’Amore has allowed Alexander a single match for the main television event.

In the middle of the contest, Ace was in control after kicking Alexander off the apron and falling onto Fulton. Returning to the ring, Ace charged for the fold finisher. Alexander caught him with a firefighter’s carry pickup to move into a catastrophic powerbomb backbreaker. Alexander aimed for victory with a double underhook Piledriver.

In the aftermath, Ace and Fulton beat Alexander. Christian tried to save, but Alexander didn’t want his help. It didn’t matter anyway, as Ace and Madman are wandering around. The fallen angel music was a hit when they were setting up a double team maneuver. Daniels has arrived in the Impact Zone. The CD was a house fire that wiped out the circle of bad guys.

Behind the scenes, Daniels explained that he was affected for one reason. He was interested in competing for new impacts. Dumore booked Daniels vs. Fulton next week.

What a wonderful surprise! I never expected Daniels to enter the forbidden door, but it makes a lot of sense. He can sow oats as a top star in the Fountain of Youth of Impact. On earth, I can see Daniels competing for the world title from nostalgia pop.

What do you want to see when Daniels returns to impact? Is there a match against Daniels that you deeply want?

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Christopher Daniels returns to impact Christopher Daniels returns to impact

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