Christopher Nolan calls HBO Max the “worst streaming service” in response to the Warner Bros. 2021 movie slate move

Many were critical of this decision as the dust began to settle a few days after the Warner Bros. industry shook. Currently, director Christopher Nolan is the latest person to express concern about Warner Bros. Decided to move the entire 2021 movie slate to HBO Max. In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter Nolan, “Some of the industry’s largest filmmakers and most important film stars slept at night before they thought they were working in the best film studios. I woke up to find out that I was working for the worst streaming service. “

Nolan, like many others, is angry with Warner Bros. A recent announcement to bring the entire 2021 movie slate to HBO Max on the same day as the theatrical releases of Dune, The Matrix 4, Suicide Squad, Mortal Kombat and more.

Everything that comes to HBO Max

Last month, Warner Bros. shocked everyone by announcing that the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 would be the first movie to debut at the same time with HBO Max on Christmas Day. However, in order to sign this deal, Warner Bros. must successfully compensate those involved in the film, an agent calling it “Wonder Woman Money” and the potential loss from an exclusive theatrical release. I offset the profits.

Many have publicly questioned and expressed concern about the decision to move to the dual-release format, as the same deal is not reportedly offered to those involved in the next movie’s slate. .. James Gunn, the director of Suicide Squad’s restart, is reportedly among those who aren’t happy with the offer from Warner Bros.

“Warner Bros. had a great machine to take filmmakers’ work everywhere, in the theater or at home. They’re dismantling it when we talk,” Nolan said. .. Their decisions are economically meaningless, and even the most casual Wall Street investors can see the difference between turmoil and dysfunction. “Nolan is known for his films directed by The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, and Interstellar, and has partnered with Warner Bros. in his film dating back to 2002 insomnia. His recent movie, Tenet, had box office revenues of just under $ 45 million earlier this year before the theater was completely closed again due to a continuing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Legendary Entertainment, a favorite of Nolan’s co-production, announced today that it is also seeking a proceeding against Warner Bros. after moving Dune and Godzilla vs. Kong to HBO Max.

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