Christopher Nolan thanks Dennis Villeneuve for calling Dune an “extraordinary piece”

Christopher Nolan and Dennis Villeneuve shared a “Director’s Cut Podcast” conversation over the weekend following the screening of Villeneuve. Dunes.. When it comes to outsider art, backed by a hugely budgeted studio, the familiar spirit of Nolan only praised the director and his monumental work. It was an exchange between two filmmakers sharing a similar struggle to create their unique vision under a large tent pole.

Christopher Nolan I started by explaining Dunes“This is one of the most seamless combinations of live-action photography and computer-generated visual effects. It’s very appealing in every situation.”

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“I think I’m going to introduce this movie Dune’s all-new generation of fans Someone who has never read the book and is probably reading it now. I think it’s an extraordinary work. I have now experienced the luxury of seeing it several times, and every time I see it I discover something new, new details to the world. The way it is made is absolutely for the big screen. It’s a real pleasure and a real gift for movie fans around the world. Thank you so much for that, Dennis. “

Nolan also wanted to ask the store how he achieved the feat of blending CGI around unconventional filmmaking. “I think it’s the same way you do it,” Villeneuve replied. “I think I’m trying to shoot in the real world as much as possible and accept the reality. There are some shots that are actually pure CGI, but I tried to avoid them as much as possible.”

“The whole movie for shooting in a real environment,” he explained. Blade Runner With Roger Deakins. Roger was overseeing all the VFX with me, so I was listening to him on every shot for a year. I learned a lot about how to work with VFX with Roger and it was very helpful in how to get the team here. “

Nolan also asked how the negotiations to split the book into two films took place. “I thought it was a mistake to try to put that huge story into one movie, so I immediately suggested it to the studio. It wasn’t a discussion, they voluntarily agreed.”

He wanted to Shoot both films in successionIn retrospect, he is pleased that he was wary of the budget they had to agree on to achieve it. “I would have been dead,” he said with a laugh. “I’m very happy we didn’t. I wouldn’t have the stamina to do it. Frankly, I’m grateful that it happened this way. . “

Nolan was in a hurry about choosing a legendary place to shoot. “One of the most spectacular places I used in this movie is Wadiram, Jordan. Lawrence of Arabia.. Many films have been filmed in Wadiram since Lawrence, but this is the first time I’ve seen it used in an expressive way for my money. The sense of place is extraordinary. “

“When Greig Fraser and I were brainstorming a movie, it was like a kind of love letter to us for a big screen theater experience. The book is it, the landscape, and the boy who slowly removes the burden. Reconciled with all his legacy and as he went deeper and deeper into the landscape, with aspects of his identity. “

Date struggle all day long Dennis Villeneuve Had to endure, you could feel his pain. The movie he envisioned and made didn’t have to be on the iPad subway. Listening to his passion again makes it increasingly essential to see it in the theater. Dunes I’m currently in the theater.This news is Hollywood Reporter..

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Christopher Nolan thanks Dennis Villeneuve for calling Dune an “extraordinary piece”

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