Chucky Season 1 Episode 2 Summary and Analysis: Give me something good to eat

Halloween is a little over a week, Chucky It provides horror fans with fun episodes that take place on the creepiest holidays of the year.By doing so, the series takes a marked step in the right direction. Somewhat mediocre pilot.. Befitting the title “Give Me Something Good to Eat,” this week’s episode captivates viewers by creating an impactful story about Jake’s gradual sinking into the dark.

The Joker once said that madness is like gravity. All you need is one small push, or a particularly bad day to do our best. In the unfortunate case of Jake Wheeler, he is pushed several times in this episode alone. In addition to the fact that Chucky saw him kill his father at the series premiere, the world pushed Jake firmly to the other side. One of the most cruel pranks by Lexie, a mean girl who lives in his school, is certainly a straw that breaks a camel’s back. However, some accusations by his classmates are enough to make him, as Chucky himself says, the only “real” friend in Jake’s world.

Imagine. At the age of 14, constantly plagued by bullies and the crisis of identity associated with modern adolescence, Jake can’t rely on anyone but the eerie doll that holds the soul of a murderer. So what should he do when he and Devon, another person who treats him remotely and kindly, are literally pushed into the closet at a Halloween party and ridiculed for their suspicious homosexuality? The duo is ironically applauded in a room full of adolescent monsters who feel the need to dismantle others to feel good about themselves. Here, Jake and Devon are humiliated together. This is an experience that can break the connection with each other, or hopefully strengthen it, and give the former a life jacket with a seemingly inevitable turn to the dark side.

This scene at the party was terrible, but it was surpassed by Lexi’s unforgivable ridicule later in the episode. In the middle of the night she wears a trench coat to hide her costume, but she promises her boyfriend Junior (Jake’s cousin) that the ultimate exposure is worth it. Shortly after Jake escaped from the closet, he came across Lexie’s most annoying act.Only a week after his father’s tragic death, Lexi makes fun of it by acting as the deceased and playing the essence of his death. — Electric shock death. Dozens of Jake’s classmates laugh and cheer on Lexi’s name while recreating the dying moment of Jake’s father. Above all, including the murder itself, this moment essentially kneels Jake, and it’s virtually a miracle that Lexie keeps the party alive.

Fully aware of Lexie’s malice, Chucky puts her at the top of the hit list. He made an elaborate plan to stalk her by wearing a Hello Kitty mask and impersonating a trick or treater. (It’s a rough idea to see Jake the world is corrupt, but this visual adds the long-awaited comedy relief to the episode.) Chucky finally joins the Halloween party and ends Lexi’s bullying altogether. can do. Jake stops him in time, but Lexie’s fate seems to be sealed. The episode ends by manipulating Jake by educating Chucky about the “killed or killed” world he faces. Chucky seduces Jake with a knife and urges him to stand up in the wake of all the pain he continues to face. The closing visual of Jake robbing Chucky’s hand and the reflection of Cold Steel, which switches from Chucky’s ominous smile to Jake’s vengeful determination, perfectly accentuates the story.

This Chapter 2 Chucky It’s a much stronger outing than the premiere. In a way, if this episode was the first offer, the series would have made a better first impression as it set the fierce battle for Jake’s soul brilliantly. At this point, there are few signs of Jake’s redemption, but there is some hope for the friendly face of Devon, a lonely man who treats Jake kindly. Based on the various pushes to madness that the boy has already dealt with, anyone else who might want to save Devon and Jake will certainly be cut off their work for them. At this point, based on Lexie’s blatant abuse, viewers cannot blame Jake (and Chucky) for revenge. Whatever happens next, the series is definitely ready to move forward.

Thankfully, horror fans don’t have to wait too long to see: Catch new episodes of the Syfy and USA Network series as they are released weekly Chucky, Every Tuesday with our review.

Chucky Season 1 Episode 2 Summary and Analysis: Give me something good to eat

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