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CILTSkillnet and CILTIreland host Brexit and YourBusiness Webinar

Co-sponsored by CILTSkillnet and CILTIreland, this free webinar discusses Brexit and the EU-UK TCA in a round table with industry experts and explains what they have learned so far. Where we are standing now. And the challenges (or perhaps opportunities) we face in the future.

Participants can send questions to panelists throughout the webinar to hear their views on business and trade after Brexit and in the era of the EU-UK Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement.

Speakers on the day include:
Brian Murphy – Managing Director of Global Trade Limited
Mick Curran – CEO of CILTI reland
Nick McCullough, Managing Director of CMILT – DFDS

Webins are delivered online via Zoom.

Registered participants will be emailed a link to the webinar before the start time.

Presentation records will be available after the webinar. If you are unable to attend the live webinar, you can register for the webinar as usual. The recorded webinar will be available after the event.

We also encourage you to register your interest in our highly successful future cohort. Certificate of customs compliance and trade facilitation. Learners described the course as providing “useful,” “very well-delivered,” and “access and direction to relevant sources of information.”

our Rules of origin: Transactions with third countries Those who wish to participate in the course can also take the course with interest.

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CILTSkillnet and CILTIreland host Brexit and YourBusiness Webinar CILTSkillnet and CILTIreland host Brexit and YourBusiness Webinar

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