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Cipher Skin raises $ 5 million for a mesh sensor that detects motion in real time

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Cipher skin, A startup developing a network of wraparound sensors that can be provided big data Diagnosis today announced that it has raised $ 5 million in a Series A round led by Boyett Group. According to the company, Cipher’s total funding of $ 7.8 million will support the development of its existing product lines and new products in markets such as oil, gas and winemaking.

After a career in US special operations forces, Cipher CEO Phillip Bogdanovich began training in the gym with Craig Weller, a physical coach he met while working in Baghdad. Bogdanovich says that as soon as he left Weller, he noticed that recovery began to slow and progress slowed.

While returning to the United States, Bogdanovich and Weller began brainstorming how the training process could be extended so that people at home could experience the same things that coaches see and provide feedback. I did. They met with Shaka Bahadu, a doctor and healthcare specialist, and the three worked together to build a sensor platform that would become Cipher.

Cipher’s sensors provide 3D motion tracking and automated assessment, enabling physiotherapists, trainers, and athletes to build programs from rehabilitation to high-intensity training. The company’s BioSleeve not only monitors movement without a camera, but also monitors biometric variations such as heart rate and dynamic oxygen saturation. The “digital mirror” displays body movements, joint angles, and vital signs in real time.

Cryptographic sensors create a network that integrates wirelessly with clothing. Mesh collects trillions of data points and sends them to Cipher’s digital mirror app. This app models the position of the body in 3D. It is this amount of data that sets Cipher’s platform apart from Xsense, Enflux, and other competing solutions.

“Unlike other technologies that rely on AI and machine learning to drive prediction, Cipher Skin works with a truly representative dataset that resolves unintended biases that exist in other systems.” , Bahadutold Venture Beat will be emailed to you. “Today, we don’t believe there are any direct competitors to CipherSkin. Our technology is unique and has a variety of uses in different industries. But what we do and some There is some overlap between wearables, telemedicine, and even athletics companies that are innovating in the field of smart clothing. I will track you. “

Cipher claims revenue increased by 3,200% between 2019 and 2020. This growth will be sustained by partnering with healthcare, wellness, athletic, and industrial companies to incorporate their technology into their products.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Cipher currently has 16 employees. The latest round, attended by Draper Capital, Tribe Capital and TKC Capital, is based on a $ 1.5 million contract awarded to the US Department of Defense in June 2020 as part of the SME Innovation Research Program. Other defense customers include US Air Force Special Operations Command.

“On the military side, hundreds of sleeves are used through Air Force Special Operations Command,” Bahadu said. “We also have a number of sleeves distributed to physiotherapists and potential business partners, in addition to the partnerships we are seeking in the industrial performance sector with large energy and water companies.”


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Cipher Skin raises $ 5 million for a mesh sensor that detects motion in real time Cipher Skin raises $ 5 million for a mesh sensor that detects motion in real time

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