Circuit Superstars Get Green Flag for Early Access

Circuit Superstars has been doing some practice laps for a while, but has just won the green flag for early access. This top-down racing game sounds a bit more internal than you might expect. So far, it includes quite a few different types of motorsport, so you can hit the track with anything from open-wheel cars to rallycross to euro trucks.

Despite its toy-like aesthetic, Circuit Superstars sound like they’re leaning towards the simulation side of the race. “Learning the nuances of handling each car and finding the best racing line in each corner of each track will be a challenge for a long time,” says Original Fire Games. “Not only that, but with options for fuel usage, tire deterioration, and race damage, even a good pit stop strategy can make a difference between a hero and zero.”

For launch, Circuit Superstars has 7 racetracks and 8 different vehicles. You can also customize your car and driver. On the multiplayer side, you can play against your friends in split screen or online, or take part in six-player tournaments and time trials. It already sounds like a lot of racing fun, but because it’s early access, the team is planning further development.

Through Early Access, Original Fire will add “more cars, more trucks, more unlocks, and a more robust single-player experience, and the title will be platform owners and available technologies. We aim to provide full cross-platform support. ”They plan to maintain early access for 6-12 months.

You can find Circuit Superstars on Steam for £ 13 / € 17 / $ 17.

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