“Citizen Kane” is no longer 100% fresh with rotten tomatoes

Well, you know what they say: you can’t always please all people.

No movie, no matter how popular, is loved by everyone. Even a movie that has been widely recognized as one of the greatest movies of all time for decades. For example Rotten tomatoes And search Orson WellesCitizen Kane, You can see that the complete 100% rating is gone. As @Caulimovirus observed on Twitter, the site recently uploaded a negative review of the movie 80 years ago, lowered it to a 99% score, and provided 115 positive notifications and one pan. did.

Rotten Tomatoes link Newspapers.com Page containing a scan of Cain Review from 1941. (Rotten Tomatoes was dated March 2, 2021 and indicates that it was added to the website only this year.) This review is “Mae Tinee” (film critic) Tribune For many years), we call it “interesting” “strange enough to be a museum work” and “magnificent useless” work. “The sacrifice of simplicity to eccentricity deprives us of distinction and general entertainment value.”

Even May Tiny, everyone has the right to accept their opinions, and he or she is not the only one who dislikes it. Citizen Kane. Even if this is the only negative review Citizen Kane What has been written so far is not worth the upset — because in a grand plan of things you care who you are. Citizen Kane Does Rotten Tomatoes have 100 or 99? It really doesn’t matter. Still … why do you do this? WHO Do you want to do this?Track this ancient review of this movie-it wasn’t even available Chicago TribuneWebsite — It wasn’t easy. What was the point like? That’s the part that confuses me.

No matter why this is done, it doesn’t change the facts Citizen Kane Still a masterpiece — As timely as 1941. Currently streaming. HBO Max..

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“Citizen Kane” is no longer 100% fresh with rotten tomatoes

https://screencrush.com/citizen-kane-not-100-percent-rotten-tomatoes/ “Citizen Kane” is no longer 100% fresh with rotten tomatoes

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