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Yakuza fans are undoubtedly familiar with Camrocho’s bustling cityscape, but Empty Clip Studios and SEGA are looking at this place from a new perspective with Camrocho’s new side-scrolling side-scrolling action street. Is Kiryu’s pixelated outing hitting his head harder than a bike, or is it the way 3D should go?

Camrocho cityscape review

Featuring Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, Kamlocho Street will take players to the famous city of Tokyo after the death of the third president of the Tojo clan. It’s up to these two antiheroes to hit some heads and restore their family honor as violence dominates the streets.

But the real star of this game is that action. Closely following the Streets of Rage 2 beat, the Streets of Kamurocho imposes a wave of battle between Chinese mafia and yakuza members at every stage. Each character has a move set that is similar to the Streets of Rage 2 Accelerator Stone, down to a fiery fist. Armed with special movements that consume energy when jumps, attacks, and attacks are connected, it’s surprisingly robust due to the small number of buttons used. Whether throwing a bad guy at another bad guy or jumping and kicking an unprotected enemy, players are undoubtedly obsessed with their desperate and chaotic behavior. Also, if in doubt, there are many traffic cones and knives that work in a pinch.

Consisting of one stage, two mini bosses and the last boss, there are enough varieties to refresh the first playthrough. By guiding players through the lively halls and city streets of Bacchus, Sprite’s work is truly amazing. It’s a shame that the sound effects have been significantly increased from the original Sega Genesis, but here’s enough new content to prevent it from feeling like a retread.

It’s a pity that we can only offer one stage. Completing the run and defeating Akira Nishikiyama will be more difficult, but will lead to a new round with players running on the same stage. One or two additional stages are welcome, but the title emphasizes playability on the global leaderboard and scoring system.

Besides single player and two player leaderboards, you also have the chance to unlock the third character. All three characters play the same, but this is still a welcome addition. In addition, although not proven, the leaderboard is currently quite active and is perfect for all score chasers out there.

The Streets of Kamurocho has given great honor to both the Streets of Rage and Yakuza series of games. There aren’t many in this package, but those who weaned in old and new fighting games can enjoy a short walk in Tokyo.

This review of Kamlocho Street was done on a PC. The game was downloaded for free.

Camrocho cityscape review

Yakuza fans are undoubtedly familiar with the bustling cityscape of Kamlocho, but Empty Clip Studios and SEGA are looking at this place from a new perspective with a new side-scrolling side-scrolling action game.

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