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Claressa Shields Maintaining a positive attitude in the wake of her first martial arts defeat 2021 PFL Championship..

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and undefeated boxing champion Shield (1-1) was short on Wednesday in a sophomore MMA effort. Lost the split decision Go to Abigail Montes (3-0). It was a fierce round-trip battle, but eventually couldn’t get up from her back in Round 3 and the shield battle was costly.

After putting together a perfect boxing run and winning his MMA debut earlier this year, Shields was the first professional fighter to lose in any sport. There was an immediate question about how she would handle the setbacks, but early signs indicate her intention to bounce more strongly.

Shields used social media on Thursday to share her views on losses ( twitter):

I lost the split decision, I didn’t let my ass yell 🤣 I also improved. All I’m trying to do is go back to the drawing board and continue learning. No one said that this trip would be easy. MMA is my first time fighting on the world stage after only nine months of training. #blessed

The difference last night was that it was very slippery because I didn’t have to fight or train in cages. It’s all about learning and it’s completely different from boxing. I did a lot last night.I just lose the split decision

The 26-year-old Shields had one critic who was enthusiastic about responding after the defeat. It’s Jake Paul. For the 2021 PFL Championship battle, Shields talks a lot about turning from YouTuber to a boxer, never sharing a card with Paul, and being able to beat him with one hand in a boxing match. I insisted that I could.

Paul had the opportunity to deal with the shield after the battle. Call her a “loser” I dismantled her because she had a bad attitude. Of course, Shields had something to say in return ( twitter):

😂 This is interesting. When I lose the split decision in mixed martial arts in the new world for a while, you come to run, but once you say, “I want to congratulate you on everything you have done and want to do it.” not even once.Two things that remain Jake, I’m still fighting better than you & you never achieve 10% of what I have in boxing or life

Unlike Jake, I fought a real mixed martial arts, he hasn’t faced a real boxer in boxing yet 😂, but Showtime still helps him #Amerika

Shield will return to the boxing ring by the end of the year as the PFL has finished the event until next season. She said she was more motivated to continue her MMA journey and promised to level up the next time she stepped into the cage.

I will return to boxing in December, where I will continue my undefeated journey. MMA is not over yet. I got something for every ass next year! Now! Y’all done excited me with this! Look at my next mixed martial arts I will be on another level! I’m not discouraged at all!

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Claressa Shields reacts to PFL loss and reacts to Jake Paul Claressa Shields reacts to PFL loss and reacts to Jake Paul

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