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I’ve already seen some pretty creepy content based on Fall Guys (I’m still trying to forget the bean structure shared on the official Twitter account), and now there’s even more. This time around, with a suspiciously long leg shape, someone created a Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC mod that combined both Among Us and Fall Guys, so the familiar crew is taking part in the action.

Created by Tiger Venom22 and Toasted Shoes, this mod replaces all the original trilogy-era pawns with the Fall Guys character on the bright side and the Among Us character on the dark side. It makes sense given that the crew choice is basically Eldritch Horror. You can use a lightsaber or force lightning (at least the dark side), but Fall Guys Beans come with a variety of costumes. One of them has the face of Rowan Atkinson. I think there is a joke somewhere. My personal favorite is the crew of a very tall General Grievous Among Us with four floating lightsaber.

why? I hear you ask. That’s a good question-and I can’t answer it completely-but the mod seems to have been commissioned by Toasted Shoes, who made a video introducing it on his YouTube channel about a month ago (with some sponsorship). There is content video). This seems to have been inspired by the sudden rise of Among Us due to the popularity of Fall Guys in the summer and the perceived competition between the two party games.They seem to be doing well On twitter..

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Like Among Us and Fall Guys, it’s fun to have fun with friends. The mod was released on Nexus Mods earlier today and is now for everyone to enjoy. The download includes two mods, but for all these beautiful beans you should also download the Fall Guys Hero Overhaul mod by No Tengo Tortuga.

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