Class action proceedings accuse EA of quietly changing the difficulty of the game to push the loot box

Electronic Arts has been accused of using dynamic difficulty adjustments to quietly adjust the difficulty of certain EA Sports games and deliberately pressure players to buy loot boxes. ..

According to a class action lawsuit discovered by Games Industry, many are concerned that years of games in the Madden NFL, FIFA, and NHL series are using AI to adjust the difficulty of sly games. ..

“The private use of the EA’s difficulty adjustment mechanism is due to the gamer’s ultimate team player’s stated ranking and the gamer’s relative skills, as well as the EA’s difficulty adjustment mechanism directing or the result of the match. Has the least impact on. “

Filing states that using dynamic difficulty adjustments in titles such as EA Sports Games can change the effectiveness of a player’s team roster. This is especially problematic given that players can use loot boxes to unlock more powerful players on their team. ..

“This is a self-permanent cycle that benefits EA and disadvantages EA Sports gamers. The difficulty adjustment mechanism causes gamers to believe that their team’s skills are lower than they really are, making better players. We’ll be buying additional player packs in the hope of winning. It’s more competitive. “

This technology isn’t unique to EA, but the developer-specific dynamic difficulty adjustment flavor was previously soaked in hot water after a patent was issued last year explaining the DDA technology. At the time, EA told that it didn’t use dynamic difficulty adjustments in FIFA.

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