Classic Guilty Gear sees large spikes to players after rollback of netcode patch

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus RThe 2012 update of the game, first released in 2002, is currently testing patches on Steam (some Controversial figure Significantly improve online play (in the fighting game community). This proved to be rewarded by a passionate player base as players flooded in, completely destroyed the game’s previous Steam records, and focused more on this area of ​​the fighting game.

At the time of writing this article Over 2,000 people are playing Guilty Gear just now.. When the patch was dropped on October 28th, the number peaked above 2,300. The best fighting game to date is just 438, which has been achieved since it first appeared on the PC in May 2015. This influx of players is due to behind-the-scenes adjustments to the code the game uses for online play.

Like many developer games, Arc System Works used what is known as delay-based netcode. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R When the game was first released on Steam.I wrote about Delay-based netcode issues Previously, but in layman’s terms, it would be a versatile, poor and delayed online experience. Playing a fighting game is about executing a strategy within just a few frames of gameplay. Adding online play latency to this process makes the entire ecosystem a nightmare compared to simply playing a match offline.

However, rollback netcodes reduce the headaches associated with netplay, thanks to the ability to predict player input and fix errors on the fly.

“”[Rollback netcode] Josh “NerdJosh” Jodoin, a veteran of the fighting game community, makes the game play naturally. In most delay-based games, the player must make all decisions preemptively. Kotaku on mail. “This gives me more time to take advantage of my reaction and take more time to see it when it hits. Landing all the tough combos I’ve practiced for hours offline. As a tournament player, it makes you feel like you’re learning the game about what it is. “

He is known for playing dozens of fighting games, but Jodoin is back in play Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Thanks to this patch on Steam.With Jodoin Guilty Gear Rookie Chris “Mandy Cindy” Prinkrail says both of them enjoyed the experience.

“I feel good so far,” said Prinkler. Kotaku Via direct message. “Much better than [Guilty Gear Xrd], Low delay and consistent. I’ll make an honest effort in the game for a few months. “

Netcode has always been important to fighting game players, but the ongoing covid-19 pandemic raises concerns about the competitive scene. Most major tournaments have been canceled, and those that still continue rely on the poor online infrastructure that previously made offline play such a need. Street fighter V Champion Derek “iDom” Raffin Dropped out of the official online tournament In July, due to the game’s cheesy net code, players are increasingly demanding that fighting games include a competent online infrastructure.

Fortunately, the developers seem to have the big picture.For example, Arc System Works plans to use rollback net code in the future. Guilty Gear Strive rear Push back For years to discuss its need. Over the last few years, SNK has added rollback net code to classic titles such as: King of Fighters ’97 And MARK OF THE WOLVE.. Every time one of these games is updated with a system that facilitates online play, player interest soars. If anything, this move is just good for the business and I hope more fighting game developers are paying attention to it.

“The great thing about rollbacks is that as long as the community wants to play, especially if the event is currently interrupted,” Jodoin said. “This will be the next best thing for a long set with a buddy at an arcade.”

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