Classic Super Mario All-Star theme for Tetris 99 this week

Nintendo’s Super Mario 35th Anniversary Ceremony will continue this week with a new event at Tetris 99. The 18th Maximus Cup, an online puzzle game, began on December 3rd, this time with players having the opportunity to unlock themes based on the Classic SNES Collection Super. Mario All Stars.

Like the previous Maximus Cup, this week’s event is a point-based tournament. Players will earn different points depending on their position in the round. Unlock the game’s Super Mario All-Star theme if you earn at least 100 points before the Maximus Cup ends. You can get a glimpse of the theme with the following actions.

The Maximus Cup will be held until 10:59 pm PST on December 7th (1:59 am on December 8th). As always, you need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to attend the event. Individual members cost $ 4 a month, $ 8 a month, and $ 20 a year, while the annual family plan costs $ 35, covering up to eight Nintendo Accounts.

If you feel like playing a classic Mario game at this week’s Maximus Cup, the original Super Mario All-Star was added to Switch Online’s SNES library earlier this year. Nintendo has also released a 3D collection called Super Mario 3D All Stars. However, it will be on sale until March 31, 2021.

Nintendo is planning several other crossovers as part of Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary. In January, Splatoon 2 will host a Mario-themed Splatoon, and in March, Animal Crossing New Horizons will feature Super Mario furniture.

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