Clea2 is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

(Note: When resuming from standby mode, either leave it alone or re-sign in to your Xbox account to avoid black screen errors. Remove this note from the description once the patch has been submitted and approved. Thank you. Enjoy the game!) * ** Four years have passed since the tragedy of Whitlock Mansion. Former maid Florin is determined to revive someone who means everything to her. To be successful, she must travel beyond three dimensions and beyond. Despite the horrors of another world, Florin is determined to continue as a soldier. After all, this is her last chance to redeem. * * * Skill-focused horror: Clea2 is primarily a skill test. Enemies dynamically roam the hall in real time, reacting to any noise from the player. Claire is a challenging title and rewards those who have mastered the mechanics. No Jump Scare: Clea 1 is a jump scare-free experience, and this sequel continues the tradition. Playability: Unlockable costume / gallery / difficulty mode, multiple endings, and even arcade features. There are many reasons why Florin will return to her journey. Full Voice: All cutscenes are full voice. Enjoy the cast’s performance, which sinks deeper into Claire’s folklore. * * * Thank you for your continued support of Clea throughout 2019. I hope this sequel is everything you have dreamed of. have fun!

Clea 2 Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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