Click here for the prison level of Fasmophobia

The prison map created by the ghost hunting game Phasmophobia is now available in a new game update. I’m not hunting ghosts alone, as I have personally taken pictures when I first explored, so thank you. Here are some other observations about the new prison map from you before you actually try it.

As far as the photo is concerned, immediately after snapping this, all the lights in this cell block went out around me. Obviously, I quit the game shortly thereafter, so this is the best photo I’m trying to get out of me until you try it for yourself. I hope you understand.

As I was crawling around the new map, I found it difficult to find the lights. Intentionally, I’m sure. Some rooms, such as showers and staff rooms, had obvious switches. However, in this cell block, I found a set of computer monitor lighting controls in the second room on the bottom floor. It’s a big room with its own stairs, so I think it’s quite difficult to turn the lights back on when you’re nervous.

Fortunately, it’s Friday night, so I hope I can take my usual Fasmo buddies to jail and learn more about them over the weekend. We will soon be professional again, I’m sure.

As always, Phasmophobia’s official update notes are concise and list some bug fixes. As a balance change, players will no longer collide with cabinet doors to prevent misuse. Prison-level information almost begins and ends with its existence, so we have to explore it ourselves. Developers say the prison level will be a guaranteed option during the selection of the next few renewal contracts, so you can work on it as much as you like.

It seems that some useful updates are underway for future changes. The public Trello board for tracking Phasmophobia’s progress through Early Access lists several “in progress” choices. The kinetic game seems to create a difficulty selector so that you can select the ghost level separately from the selected map. We’ve also created a single player mode so you can play solo and create an empty game lobby without connecting to a server. It’s not that I never use it. Solo hunting is too creepy. And in the future, the Trello board mentions another new map: the final plan for a mansion or apartment building.

Phasmophobia was launched in Early Access in September. It was planned to be fully released in 2021, but the plan may have changed due to the game’s popularity explosion in October. Animation is a rather rough aesthetic, but in my experience it’s already a fun time with friends.

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Phasmophobia’s prison map is here and I’ve already been spooked

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