Cliffy B, creator of Gears of War, is working on a brand new IP

Cliff Bleszinsky is a veteran designer behind the first three Gears of War games and projects, working on a whole new unreleased IP project for the now obsolete studio Boss Key Productions. I confirmed on Twitter that it was there.

Brzezinski did not reveal any other details about the project, such as potential platforms, release windows, genres, etc. Brzezinski confirmed that he had hired writer Alex de Campi and artist Sandy Jarrell for intellectual property.

Brzezinski, commonly known as Cliffy B, has made a big mistake in the gaming industry since re-entering in 2014. Previously, he retired from Epic Games in 2012. He founded Boss Key Productions in April 2014 and announced the first title against gravity in 2017. -Human Hero Shooter Lawbreakers and 2018 80’s Themed Battle Royale Shooter Radical Heights. Both games failed commercially (although Lawbreakers received a warm and critical welcome), and Boss Key was closed in 2018. This happened just a month after Radical Heights was released, effectively disabling support for both titles.

Bleszinski is also known for his work on Unreal and Unreal Tournament. This is a 90’s shooter that put Epic Games on the map and was responsible for the birth of Unreal Engine. He has also participated in other well-known Epic Games projects such as the Gears of War series mentioned above, Shadow Complex in 2009, and Bulletstorm in 2011. Brzezinski also co-designed the Super Hot Level.

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