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Cloud punk From Aeon Land A game about becoming a delivery driver. But it’s not just about running the mill delivery driver. You are a futuristic neon-lit world delivery driver built far into the sky. The city of Nivalis is your new home and you are the new kid of Brock. It’s okay if you remember the two main rules for making a delivery. These rules do not ask questions or look at the contents of the package.

To Cloud punk, The player takes on the role of Rania, an eastern woman who left home to look for a job in Nivalis to settle her debts.She signs up Cloud punk, A delivery company, where things get a little complicated. It’s the first night of Rania’s work, and it’s up to you to help her survive the tough night of delivery.

Players will be placed in the driver’s seat of HOVA. A luxurious hovering vehicle that can move up and down freely in the sky. You will be able to “drive” the HOVA across Nivalis and park at a designated location in the city. Once parked, players can start on foot as Rania and interact with the citizens of Nivalis.

At Nivalis, you can meet androids, humans, and artificial intelligence, and there are many stories to absorb. One of the first encounters with NPCs in the game was Cloud punk An office with two robot gang members. This encounter instantly sets the direction for future cyberpunk stories. Each NPC you interact with has its own story to tell, or something to sell to you. In future games where megacorporations are rampant, someone is always pitching something. Cloud punk..

As a Lania, you must do the delivery and full side missions given to you by the citizens of Nivalis. On foot, you can switch between the two perspectives. One is a close-up view of a third party, and the other is a zoomed-out side-scrolling perspective. Eventually, you’ll get used to navigating the walking section of Nivalis using both perspectives. Returning to HOVA, you can travel faster using one of the “highways”, but it’s not always necessary as you only go up and down to follow a more beautiful route to your destination.

To cross Nivalis, you need some loading screens between the sections of the city. You will pass through a tunnel to reach new destinations such as The Marrow and Central. All districts and regions of Nivalis are connected through these and are usually very easy to navigate thanks to the always available minimap. There are many places in each area where you can park your HOVA, explore NPCs, and interact with them.

Gameplay in Cloud punk So everything is about interaction. Offering items is the glue that puts everything together, but the real star of the show is the excellent voice actors and the world-building of the story placed in the game.Learning what’s happening in the city and Nivalis is fascinating and players who enjoy story-telling games will definitely enjoy it. Cloud punk..

There are some minor issues with the game regarding some metaphorical writing, but the main story and the considerable freedom to explore the truly gorgeous voxel neon-lit world make it all worthwhile. To. Aeon Land We have created a work of art that will keep you entertained for hours.

Cloud punk You can also customize Rania by equipping it with a variety of cosmetic items and upgrading HOVA itself with new parts. The soundtrack is great as there are plenty of synth heavy tracks that perfectly fit the aesthetics of the whole Cloud punk You can calm your mind just by hovering over Nivalis while watching the scenery and listening to music. You’ll find that the game world is so fascinating that you often take in the neon-lit cityscape and look far away.

The entire, Cloud punk If you are a fan of voxel graphics and futuristic neon-lit aesthetics, this is a highly recommended game.The cold nature of the gameplay is great and anyone can pick it up and play Cloud punk.. The voice actors are also pretty good and there are some great acting in certain situations. Cloud punk If you are looking for indie jewelry to enjoy, it should definitely be on your radar.

Cloud punk It has been reviewed on PS4 and can be purchased here for £ 19.99.

I got a PS4. The game is also available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game is published by Merge game Developed by Aeon Land

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Cloudpunk Review

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