CMON Preview More A Song of Ice and Fire Update

December 4, 2020 by Polar_Bear

New Year brings change to A Song of Ice and Fire: Desktop Miniature Game From CMON. In this preview of some of these changes, we’ll look at how the different control elements of the game switch with changes in some of the characters that symbolize it on the battlefield.

From the article:

How to control your opponents is important in any game, but they occupy a special place in the political plot of A song of ice and fireAnd the desktop is no exception.

Michael Shinall is here. Today, we’ll focus on the control elements of the game and elaborate on the changes planned for 2021.

What does control mean before you go deep into things? Well, basically everything that falls into the category of “preventing your opponent from doing what you want to do”. Rejection of tactical cards, loss of ability, general negatives / penalties applied to units, etc.

Moving to 2021, this was one element with a particular focus on its application and availability. Specifically, control elements typically fall into one of two categories: Faction base, This means that the concept is built into Core identity Factions (Lanister, looking at you), or more generally, Commander base. One of the central aspects of the game is that the commander of choice can radically change the way a unit of the same group plays when compared to another unit. Their playstyle should reflect this even more. Therefore, if elements of control appear outside the faction, they should be restricted to individual commanders and not widely accessible.


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