CMT celebrating Betty White at the Golden Girls Marathon all day

Thank you become friends.After the death of television legend Betty White, CMT announced an all-day marathon Golden girls It will be held in honor of her. It will start at 9am on Monday, January 3rd and continue until 4am on Tuesday morning.The network is dubbing this as follows: Golden Girls All Day Marathon Focuses on Rose Nylund’s most memorable episodes.

“We are deeply saddened to know about Betty White’s death.” CMT A spokeswoman said. “She was an icon that paved the way for many. During this difficult time, our hearts were directed at her friends and an army of fans around the world.”

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Golden girls Created by Susan Harris and aired over seven seasons from 1985 to 1992. It follows four women who share a Miami home as they navigate life and love during their golden age.together Betty White As Rose Nylund, the cast of the ensemble featured Bea Arthur as Dorothy Zubornak, Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereaux, and Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo. All four actresses won Emmy Awards for their role in the show because each of the four leads had a very unique personality and was interesting in their own way.

“I can’t believe I’m the only one left. [was] The oldest! “White says he is the longest surviving cast member of the show. OK magazine.. Looking back at the beginning of the series, she added: [and] It was like hitting a tennis ball on the net. It was very exciting to be with four people with that chemistry — I will never forget that first reading. It was as if I had been working together all the time! I get a goose bump still thinking about it. ”

“I can’t help but work so closely together to become a family,” he said. ?? ”

If you have Hulu, you can also stream Golden girls Whenever you want to continue the party.Recently, from the streamer Golden girls Spin-off series Golden palace Streaming will start from January 10th.. The show lasts for only one season, with White returning as Rose Nylund with Getty’s Sophia and McClanahan’s Blanche. The cast also included Cheech Marin and Don Cheadle.

Dubbed documentary Betty White: 100 Years — Birthday Celebration White will be coming to the theater on January 17th, when he is 100 years old. After her death, the film producer announced that the theater celebrations were still going on. The document contains some looks of White’s best moments from her career, along with stories from White herself and many of her famous friends.

Producers Steve Betcher and Mike Trinkline have announced that “Today, the death of Betty White mourns our hearts.” entertainer.We are grateful Decades of joy she brought to everyone.. Betty always said that it was “the luckiest person on both feet” who had a career as long as she did. And to be honest, we were the lucky ones who have welcomed her for a long time. ”

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CMT celebrating Betty White at the Golden Girls Marathon all day

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