Co-founder of Avalanche Studios Founds New Developer Liquid Swords

Alex Calvin, Wednesday, December 2, 2020 17:54 GMT

A new venture focused on explosive open world games.

The co-founder of Sweden’s Avalanche Christopher Sundberg has set up his own development studio.

In a Facebook post, a former Chief Creative Officer of Just Cause maker said his new outfit is called Liquid Swords. The company will focus on open-world action titles with memorable moments for next-generation consoles, streaming platforms, and PCs.

“I took a year off from the gaming business and it was a really very necessary break. I had time to think about what I really wanted to make in my new studio. Over the last 17 years, I’ve built an avalanche studio. Remaining the same as my way of running is a nonsense, game development-focused approach, “Sandberg wrote.

“The games we create with Liquid Swords focus on high action and huge sights. From the day we started Avalanche Studios to the final sale of the company, we came back after breathing alive in the Just Cause franchise. We are excited to create a great experience for players to explore, share and enjoy.

“As we know, we’re not going to reshape the world of storytelling. Our way to leave our mark and make a difference in the industry is, first and foremost, readily accessible. Based on a consistently rewarding game. I have loved the freedom and creativity of players since I first started making games. With LiquidSwords, for fun entertainment over the next few decades. We are confident that we can provide you with a reliable game.

“The ultimate goal of Liquid Swords is to bring game development back to where it should be. It’s about moving game development forward, with a focus on building innovative action experiences, not business plans or spreadsheets. Liquid Swords is a business, not a playground for purposeless ideas. Our swords have been sharpened, our mission has been set, and we Couldn’t be more excited about what the future might look like. “

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Avalanche Studios co-founder sets up new developer Liquid Swords

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