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But Conor McGregor Losing two of his last three fights, his coach wants the UFC to book a star for the trilogy, title fight Dustin Poirier..

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Coach Proposes Poirier’s Title Battle-McGregor Rubber Match

A huge star took over Dustin Poirier At the UFC 257 main event, many believed that the winner would go on to fight for the title. Poirier confirmed that the story of the rematch between McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov ended in the second round.

After the match, McGregor said he wanted to fight Poirier for the third time. McGregor stopped Poirier in the 2014 match.

Well, since the catastrophic loss, McGregor coach John Kavanagh said ESPN Ariel Helwani.While doing so, the coach reported this about McGregor wanting a third fight with Poirier (quote). MMA junkie).

“We’re already harassing everyone to win the rematch, so we want to rematch. I don’t think Dustin is against it.

It would be great if we could rematch before the summer.

“If not, I don’t really know. Maybe he (McGregor) drifts into boxing.

So if the MMA community can help me here, stand behind me, beg the UFC, and give him another fight sooner rather than later, I won’t lose him in boxing for six months.

And Cabana also said this about the 155 titles still officially held by the retired Habib.

“That’s a big impetus,” explained Kavanagh. “It’s 1-1. They’re just above the rankings and are very popular fighters.

“I think the two are a beautiful match. Stylistically, it’s beautiful to see.

I want to see a lot of rounds between them. Dustin is clearly confident in riding high, gaining experience and weight.

He took some of those shots. I am convinced that his confidence is very high so far.

That technique needs to be fixed with legs and a few other things, but maybe Dustin vs. Connor 3 on the belt in May, that would be great. “

What about the belt?

Therefore, the fact that Connor is driving the trilogy battle with Dustin is not surprising. He made it clear after UFC 257 that it was his hope.

Poirier also said he was open to the fight. But does the UFC really put the belt on the line?

Towards UFC 257, the consensus was that the fight between Michael Chandler and Dan Hooker could also determine who would fight for the belt next. Following Chandler’s big win, Dana White said Poirier-Chandler had the following possibilities:

Charles Oliveira, who won eight straight games, is also included in the mix.

Therefore, from a meritocracy point of view, there is no doubt that others are ahead of Connor in the title shot race. Especially Oliveira.

But if McGregor demands that the belt be on the line (and Cabana hints at an ultimatum in that regard), you never know.

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Coach wants a title fight with Conor McGregor trilogy, Dustin Poirier Coach wants a title fight with Conor McGregor trilogy, Dustin Poirier

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