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COAI urges government to reduce base price of 5G spectrum by more than half

According to industry sources, COAI, a telecommunications industry group, has asked the government to reduce the base price of the spectrum by more than half, especially for auctions proposed for 5G services.

At the first radio auction in March 2021 for five years, the government offered a spectrum of 2,308.80 MHz in seven bands at a minimum price of around Rs 40,000.

However, the premium 700MHz and 2,500MHz band radio waves were unsold mainly due to the high basic price.

The government was unable to auction the frequency range 3.3-3.6 Ghz. It was said that the basic price of radio waves in the spectral band was very expensive for 5G services because it could not be freed in time.

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“COAI has called on the government to significantly reduce spectrum prices due to the widespread use of digital connectivity, especially the introduction of 5G services. The proposed spectrum auction has asked the government to reduce the base price by more than half. “The carrier said. The representative told PTI.

The proposed spectrum auction may be held in the April-June quarter of 2022.

The Mobile Network Operators Association of India (COAI) declined to comment on this issue.

Representatives of two separate carriers quoted different figures for the magnitude of the reduction required by industry groups, but agreed with the view that COAI is trying to reduce spectral prices by more than half.

One representative said it was in 50-60 percent tone, while another high-ranking carrier official mentioned 60-70 percent.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has recommended a base price fixed at 492 chlores per megahertz for spectra from 3.3 to 3.6 Ghz.

Carriers interested in buying 5G radio suggest that Trai “needs to be auctioned in block size”, so buying a spectrum in the 3,300-3,600 Mhz band across India You have to pay a minimum of 9,840 rupees. 20MHz “.

In May, the government allocated spectra to telecommunications companies for testing at various locations for six months in the 700 Mhz band, 3.3-3.6 GHz (Ghz) ​​band, and 24.25-28.5 Ghz band.

Currently, 5G tests are being conducted in Japan. The Telecommunications Bureau has extended the trial period to May 2022 or until the results of the Time Spectrum Auction, whichever comes first.

Vodafone Idea showed a maximum download speed of about 4 gigabits per second during the trial.

Telecommunications equipment maker Nokia India claimed to have recorded a top speed of 9.85 gigabits per second on its back-end data transmission VIL network during a 5G trial in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. This means a mobile base station network connection.

VIL is running 5G trials on Ericsson and Pune on Nokia and Gandhinagar.

COAI urges government to reduce base price of 5G spectrum by more than half COAI urges government to reduce base price of 5G spectrum by more than half

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