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Energized by CELSIUS, the Pewter Report Podcast is a four-day audio hour consisting of Tampa Bay Buccaneers news, analysis, and internal scoops, with humor and insights from Buccane beatwriters Scott Reynolds, Mark Cook, and Taylor Jenkins. Is provided. , Jon Ledyard and Matt Matera are also show producers. For listening pleasure during the 2021 season, look for the weekly PewterNation podcast on

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In episode 320 of the show, Mark stands alone with a short appearance from John, who had technical problems with wifi throughout the episode. Mark describes the latest Bucks news that has occurred, including Rothcockrel’s role in re-signing and defense, and how the new running back Giovani Bernard fits aggressively with the other weapons out there. .. Listen to it all in the Pewter Report Podcast energized by CELSIUS.

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Cockrell Returns, Bernard’s Fit With Bucs, etc. Cockrell Returns, Bernard’s Fit With Bucs, etc.

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