COD: Warzone confirms Rebirth Island map

Call of Duty players have unraveled the clues and sought out a new season 1 trailer to come to the Black Ops Cold War and Battle Royale War Zones. Data miners seem to have come to the fore when they discovered Rebirth Island as a new map of Warzone. The trailer also reveals new operators and maps for Cold War multiplayer.

People are Given a starting point For some new CallOfDuty teasers who took them through some secret code and an uncovered video feed. They have now discovered that the end of the trail leads to a trailer.

Find some information here about Season 1 content for both Warzone and Cold War.

As a starting point, Warzone’s Rebirth Island map seems to be in the bag. Apparently it’s where a companion named Vikhor “Stitch” Kuzmin was developing a chemical weapon named Nova6. Both Sitch and Dangerous Formulation are back to give hell to one of the youth of the Cold War campaign, Russell Adler. Stitch will be the new multiplayer operator for Cold War, and it looks like New Jersey will have a new map called “Mall at the Pines.”

Activision doesn’t seem to approve the discovery yet, but you might hear official details about Stitch and the two new maps in short order. Season 1 of Cold War and War Zone was a bit behind the first launch date. Season 1 ends on Wednesday, December 16th.

While you’re waiting, see the best loadouts and the best guns in the Cold War so that the Strat will scratch when Stitch appears.

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Call Of Duty trailer confirms Rebirth Island map for Warzone and a new Cold War operator

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